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Gulalai slams Imran over ‘bullet wounds discrepancy’

By News Desk
November 10, 2022

KARACHI: Former PTI MNA Ayesha Gulalai on Wednesday asked PTI Chairman Imran Khan not to act like a limp person as people will not elect him even on the disabled quota.

“Sometimes you say you received four bullets. Giving interview to the CNN, you said you received three bullets, while Dr Yasmin Rashid said you received two bullets and the person who gave you the first aid, said that there was just a minor scratch on your left leg but you got your right leg plastered,” she took a jibe at the former prime minister.

Gulalai said Imran’s politics has come to an end, adding that he threatened the people and levelled allegations against them without any proof but when the CNN asked for the proof, he fell short of words. “In Britain, even if you try to level allegations against a common man, you will come to know what happens with you,” she said while addressing the PTI chief.

She dared Imran to go to Britain and file a defamation suit against the Financial Times, which exposed his corruption and the funding, allegedly received by him from India and Israel, with all the proofs.

Gulalai asked the PTI chief why he ran from getting blood test conducted from any government hospital, adding, “You (Imran), don’t talk tall as we know better what medical treatment should be given to the drug addicts.”

She further said that he (Imran) even did not get his medico-legal examination conducted from any government hospital, and had shown the report of his own choice issued by the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, which is legally unacceptable.