Monday December 04, 2023

SmartSindh mentors students aspiring to make a career

By News Desk
November 07, 2022

SmartSindh has become the first digital career consulting platform in the province to mentor the youth on the basis of ‘what, how, why and where’, and this platform fully guides the students of Sindh, especially fresh graduates aspiring to make a career.

Waqas Qadeer, founder of SmartSindh, says that the purpose of SmartSindh is to make a positive impact on millions of people of Sindh through strategic use of existing resources. “By next year, at least 10,000 students from Sindh will benefit from SmartSindh, but our journey will not complete there.”

Qadeer said that their aim is to make a positive impact on every youth of Sindh who wants to make a career, and start a series that will continue and help the future generations. He said that this platform will be a game changer in career development. Field experts from all industries can give their expertise and information every month as a mentor from this platform, he added.

He also said SmartSindh is providing free career bank access to all members based on industry-specific knowledge from more than 50 professional fields. The platform of SmartSindh fully guides all the students of the province in brightening their future without any discrimination, he added.

Qadeer said that the work they are doing today will definitely change someone’s future tomorrow. SmartSindh board members include Shamsuddin Sheikh, Dr Bhavani Shankar Chaudhary, Ghulam Mohiuddin Morai, Ayesha Memon, Saqib Shah, Rakshanda Mehr, Faheem Memon, Adnan Siddiqui, Dr Arifa Bhutto and Dr Siddique Khurram.