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Work underway to clean nullah in Bari Imam

By Our Correspondent
November 05, 2022

Islamabad : The trash and garbage consistently thrown by the residents in the nullah in Bari Imam have again forced the civic agency to re-launch cleanliness campaign to avoid spread of diseases and damage to the natural environment.

According to the details, the civic agency has carried out various campaigns to clean this nullah in the past but the residents and traders have been throwing garbage in it in sheer violation of the directives issued by it.

Thousands of visitors come to Bari Imam daily where traders and shopkeepers do their business. The civic agency has placed trash cans and garbage bins at different points but local people generally avoid following the directives and throw garbage at their nearest place like nullah.

There is also a ‘Kutchi Abadi’ in Bari Imam that has expanded with the passage of time. It is among those shanty areas that were recognised by Capital Development Authority (CDA) to provide basic amenities to the inmates. Despite long efforts by the inmates to get their temporary shelters regularised the civic agency maintained that laws did not allow doing it. These shanty houses have also become one of the main factors for pollution in the nullah.

The campaign to clean nullahs was launched early this year but it was generally seen that the people again started throwing garbage soon after their cleanliness.

An official said, “We have been constantly making efforts to clean all nullahs in the federal capital. The trash and garbage in nullahs cause spread of diseases and damage to the natural environment.”

“We have just started work to clean the nullah in Bari Imam. Now we will also issue directives to the local people to avoid throwing waste in nullah otherwise they can face legal action,” he said.