Let’s get that look

By A. Akmal
Tue, 11, 21

Looking to create the perfect nude brown look for a glam night out? This week You! shares tips on how you can achieve that makeup, inspired from the recently held fashion showcase in Karachi…

Let’s get that look


When it comes to makeup for runways and ramps, you expect it to be over the top, with big lashes and bold colours. But the truth is, many of these ramps actually have more muted makeovers than we realise. That’s because the minimal makeup style doesn’t leave you bare, instead it keeps your look natural; therefore, keeping the focus on the collection.

Agnes, CEO of Kenneyz Group
Agnes, CEO of Kenneyz Group

Recently, Agnes, CEO of Kenneyz Group, came out with her collection ‘Agy’. In this collection, she uses her observations of different styles during her travels in Europe, Asian and other Gulf countries as the inspiration. It provides ‘fusion fashion’ of East and West here in Pakistan. The fusion also extends to blend the modern design aspects with more traditional looks, producing outfits to suit every occasion.

Assured of the continued personal involvement, Agy herself has sourced the highest quality cloth and chosen distinctive colours from across Pakistan to offer her clientele the best and most unique designs.

Using colour shades that are slightly lighter and slightly darker than your skin tone, a nude makeup style will provide just enough definition to highlight your features. From the display, we gathered some inspirations for a perfect nude look that will look amazing for a glam night out. This week You! shares some simple tips on how you can achieve this look…

Choose the right base

First off, cleanse your face and moisturise well to prep your skin. A healthy skin is the secret to beautiful and flawless makeup Then, apply a pea-size amount of a face primer – preferably a hydrating one since the weather is starting to get chilly.

Next, the foundation. The point of your base makeup is to help your skin look its best, and not to look like you have layers of product on. If you have oily skin, use powder foundation or an oil-free liquid one. These contain powders that absorb oil, leaving you with a smooth, matte finish. Mineral foundations also work well on oily skin, because the dry particles tend to absorb moisture and also prevent shine. For dry skin, a liquid or a stick one is best. These have a creamy consistency which delivers moisture to the skin and offer great coverage. Moreover, dewy foundations tend to work best on normal to dry skin types.

Let’s get that look

Blend your contour & highlight

When you contour your face, you have to follow the shape and the lines of your face. To cheat your way to chiselled cheekbones, simply suck in your cheeks, and using the angled brush, buff the darkest powder into the hollows using swift back and forth motions. If you want to make your forehead appear smaller, dust the darker powder up into your hairline until blended seamlessly. Define your jawline and slim down your neck by brushing the darker powder along the length of your jaw and around your chin. As for the highlight, use a separate, smaller brush to dust a little along the tops of your cheekbones to bring them forward.

And like the cherry on top, add some blush to bring in some colour into your face.

For matte eyes with a dash of shimmer

Start by priming your eyelids. This will enhance the eyeshadow colours that you use and it will keep your makeup looking good all day long. Using an eyeshadow that closely matches your skin colour or is slightly lighter, cover your entire eyelid with a base coat to create a clean canvas. Using a nude eyeshadow tone, define the crease of your eyelid. Start by applying shadow directly to the crease, and then blend it out and up. Repeat this process until the crease is noticeably defined. Using a nude colour that’s two or three shades darker, apply eyeshadow on to the lower lid between the lash line and the crease. Blend up into the crease to create a smooth transition. Finish off with some liner and you’re good to go. But if you’re in a mood for some shimmer, you can apply some on the centre of your lid and then dab a little highlight on your brow bone.

Let’s get that look

Get the right kind of nude lip

Of all the makeup products out there, nude lipstick has got to be one of the most hard-working. It’s simple but elevated, low-fuss yet still glamorous, and it can really pull a look together (or simply add a little something to a bare face). Of course, not all nudes are created equal —different finishes, shades, textures, and undertones all come into play.

Moreover, you must keep in mind that there is no universal nude shade. Since we all have different skin tones, therefore our nude lipsticks will also change accordingly. If you have a desi brown skin, your nude will be a deeper taupe such as Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Sandstorm, Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Unveil or Maybelline New York Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick in Mocha Inventor. If you are a lighter tone, yours will steer towards a rosy shade like Vintage Rose by Luscious, Juvia's Place Nude Velvety Matte Lipstick in 2020 or Maybelline New York Color Sensational The Buffs Lip Color, Nude Lust.