By Asif Khan
Tue, 07, 21

This week You! has an exclusive chat with the up-and-coming model Suaan Elahi who talks about his work and how he got into fitness…


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The career of, Suaan Elahi, isn’t a story of overnight success. It was his relentless grind that helped him carve a distinguished niche in the fashion industry. An incessant source of talent with an attractive face, Suaan’s high-profile work includes fashion labels like Nauman Arfeen, Humayun Alamgir, Amina Yasmeen, Sameer Sain to name a few. He has worked under brands such as Alkaram, Riwaj, Warehouse, Zivini and Vogue by Shimmers and has also appeared in TVCs for Jazz, Huawei, Surf Excel and Nestle. He has also walked for the launch show of Michael Kors and art work by Amin Guljee titled ‘Laal Jadu’. He keeps up a candid presence on his social media platforms. Moreover, he has transitioned into fitness and emerged as a certified fitness trainer. This week You! has an exclusive chat with the up-and-coming model Suaan Elahi who talks about his work and how he got into fitness…


You! How did you step into the industry?

I signed up with Citrus Talent, gave an audition and one fine day woke up to a call for a cellular company commercial. That was a huge campaign and I found myself on billboards overnight. Later, I got my portfolios done from few photographers and when my pictures got viral, offers from high and mighty of the industry started coming in.

You! What's the key to success?

The industry has taught me that don't underestimate yourself and never work for free.

You! What exactly sells fast in the fashion industry?

The journey in the industry has made me realise that it's not about your looks or features or height. It's all about, how you present yourself. I remember Frieha Altaf from Catwalk organised a show, themed as ‘Beyond Beautiful’ which was an utterly unique concept, showcasing beauty, based on natural looks irrespective of height, colour and features. From there I learnt that it’s more about grooming, presenting and carrying yourself nicely.

You! Who’s your inspiration?

I usually follow international models like Tony Mahfud, for his looks, style, clothing and fitness. When it comes to men suits, I like the brand Brioni. Another fashion designer I like is based in Paris who makes extra ordinary body-fitted clothes and whenever I visit my tailor, I ask him to get me the fittest pants and shirts, so now it’s known what style I follow to maintain my signature look.


You! How do you remain so fit?

In my case, it is more hard work and perseverance than genetics. I have my own fitness regimen and targets that I stay locked at and train very hard to maintain a ripped physique. Those who are lean and blessed with a fast metabolism, are the luckiest people.

You! What brought you into the fitness industry?

I delved into it when during a shoot I realised that I'm losing my form as I wasn't fitting easily in the costumes. The competition here is very tough and survival of the fittest is the prime rule of the game. I started taking gym seriously and later got so into it that I became a fitness enthusiast and pursued my certification in Nutritional and Personal Training from ISSA. Later, my friend opened a studio where I started training people and I have a massive clientele today.


You! One moment that's really hard for you to erase from your mind?

A friend once said that I can’t do commercials and after two and a half months later we were watching a movie together and to his utter surprise one of my ads flashed which was a full circle for me.

You! What do you consider as your biggest strength and are you possessive about something?

My confidence is my real strength that empowers me to fight against all odds and I'm possessive about sharing my friends.

You! A message for our readers?

I want to tell them that it’s nothing but your persistence that would help you escalate and rise through the ranks no matter which field you choose to be a part of. So work hard and be yourself.