Dive into colour

By Wallia Khairi
Tue, 07, 21

This week You! is in conversation with makeup artist Rammal Mehmud who talks about different variations in makeup…

beauty interview

it is a time of celebration as we inch closer to Bari Eid. You have to look your best and put on your best outfits. Wearing makeup gives an you a much needed oomph. Even something as simple as a coat of mascara or eyebrow gel can jazz up your look and that stands true for festivities. Not only does makeup hold the power to influence mood with colour and sparkle, it is the quintessence of Eid for women everywhere.

Why not be creative this Eid and go for a look that you wouldn’t usually go for? Whether it be a bold red lip or bright blue eyeshadow, a monochrome lid with a nude lip, you’re bound to impress everyone on your feed with your Eid selfie. And if you’re not sure what look to go for, don’t worry – creative makeup blogger and content creator, Rammal Mehmud, of Le Beauty Affair is the person you’re looking for. You can absolutely count on her for the most amazing, bold and colourful looks. Her makeup looks prove that she’s a dynamo of creativity. From colourful eyes to bold brows there is an endless list of exciting looks. This week You! is in conversation with creative makeup artist Rammal Mehmud who talks about makeup looks, how you can spice up your look and the intriguing aspect of face art…

You! When and how did you get into the beauty business?

Rammal Mehmud: I’m a photographer turned creative makeup artist from Islamabad. My love for makeup started some 5-6 years ago on a trip to USA, when I stepped into a makeup store like Ulta and Sephora for the first time. It was a medium to express myself fully while going through a dark period in my life and later it became my true calling.

You! Where did you get your training?

RM: When I started getting deep into makeup, I took some workshops from renowned MUAs including Natasha’s Salon. These makeup workshops taught me the basics of makeup; however, the creative makeup and 3D face art that I do is self-taught.

You! How would you describe your signature look?

RM: As I like to express myself with makeup; my makeup style is vibrant and flashy. A colourful cut crease to match my outfit with a nude lip.

You! Describe the perfect Eid look, keeping in mind the hot and humid weather:

RM: Concealer, foxy smoked out liner with a half cut lash, some matte foundation and a lip and cheek tint colour of your choice to finish the look.

You! What style and colours do you prefer working with when doing eye makeup?

RM: I thrive on bold and vibrant cut crease eye looks. Love experimenting all the time.

You! For hooded eyes, what would you suggest to make the eye makeup pop?

RM: A light shimmer shade over the lid, white or nude pencil in the water line and lots of mascara.

You! What’s your favourite way to apply foundation? Are you more team hands, team brush or team sponge?

RM: Team brushes and then team sponge for a more airbrushed and flawless look.

You! A good pick-me-up for a tired complexion?

RM: I swear by the Rose Clay Purifying Mask by FW Organics. It is very hydrating.

You! Suggest some tips to have your makeup last longer:

RM: Stay away from liquid or cream products, rather stick to powders and setting sprays.

You! What are common mistakes women (esp. brown women) tend to make while doing their makeup?

RM: Using the wrong shade of foundation (usually too light), that ends up making their face look grey and chalky. Literally drawing eyebrows on with an eyebrow pencil instead of filling them in.

You! If someone doesn’t have great skin, what technique would you suggest using when applying foundation?

RM: I wouldn’t call any skin type bad. Skin is beautiful in every way but if a client feels insecure with acne or textured skin, I always tell them that makeup at the end of the day is just makeup not magic. It cannot get ‘rid’ of texture like pimple marks, wrinkles etc. However, the secret is in prepping the skin well before makeup and using a silicon-based primer to blur as much texture as possible. We can colour correct the pigmentation, conceal the dark areas to even out skin.

You! What’s your best beauty tip?

RM: If you happen to smear mascara on your cheek or near your eye, the best way is to let it dry and then brush it away with a clean spoolie brush. That way the mascara dries down and is easier to sweet off without messing up the rest of the makeup. Works like a charm.

You! Give us some tips on how to prep the skin before makeup:

RM: Moisturise well. Apply sunscreen. Use a hydrating primer on dry areas, if you have combination skin. Finally, spritz a pore minimising spray. These are a must for me before applying makeup (in the same order too).

You! Suggest a proper skin care regimen after removing makeup during the three-day festival?

RM: Using the ‘double cleansing’ method is essential for people who wear makeup every day, exfoliation is also an important step but isn’t recommended to be done on a daily basis. Tone and moisturise well.

You! Name three holy grail drugstore and high-end products that you absolutely love.

RM: Holy grail drugstore products would be Essence Liquid Ink Liner, L'Oréal Infallible Full Wear Concealer and Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks. High end includes Huda Beauty Over-Achiever Concealer, MAC Cosmetics Fix Plus Setting Spray and Norvina Cosmetics Pro Pigment Palettes.

You! What are your tips for looking photogenic?

RM: Groom yourself well and know your angles. Practise in the mirror or by taking selfies to see what angle works best.

You! What eats up more of your time: caring for and doing your face, or caring for and doing your hair?

RM: Haha I think both, equally.

You! What is your essential handbag beauty product?

RM: Zayfied Lip Tint in the shade Gulabi Chiller.

You! What’s your daily beauty routine like?

RM: I try to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water daily to keep my skin hydrated. I cleanse, use serums (at night), tone and moisturise.

You! What famous artists have influenced you, and how?

RM: I love Mario Dedivanovic, for his signature contour and highlight. I literally learned so much from him, in the beginning. Hindash’s signature soft glam looks are my favourite, I don’t think anyone does airbrushed skin better than him. In the creative makeup category, I love Mimi Chao’s out of the box ideas and how she’s always up to creating beautiful pieces of artwork using her body and her face as a canvas. CakeFace RJ, Abby Roberts are iconic, watching their creative feed motivates my mind to create.

You! What pulled you towards face art?

RM: Painting my face is like art therapy for me. I hadn’t explored this medium even though I was always a good artist when I used to paint in my childhood. I’m always up for trying new stuff so that’s how face art drew me in.

You! You do a lot of makeup with stories behind them. What made you do that and where do you draw inspiration for these looks?

RM: I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. It may be the smallest thing around me or the way I’m feeling inside. When I was going through a rough patch in my life I did a series called “Stages of Grief” which was very relatable for many girls who are struggling with mental health issues like depression.