By A. Jafri
Tue, 06, 21

Her 1991 perfume White Diamonds is still one of the best selling celebrity perfumes of all time....

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Fragrance is just like any other accessory to an outfit – just like a scarf, necklace or pair of earrings. The sense of smell is one of the most important of the five senses and plays an important role in evoking memories. Your perfume will be the first impression when you check in and will be a lasting impression when you leave. It is the most intimate way of sharing a little bit about your inner most thoughts and character, and also the most elegant one… This is why many celebrities are gravitated towards creating their own scents. Back in 1988, Elizabeth Taylor started a trend by becoming one of the first celebrities to successfully launch a signature fragrance. Her 1991 perfume White Diamonds is still one of the best selling celebrity perfumes of all time.

A key to memories

Hania Amir, Farhan Saeed, Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan have ventured into the world of scents, having collaborated with the brand Kohasaa to launch their own personal fragrances. The launch event for the perfumes was recently held at Dolmen Mall, Karachi.

The brand was delighted to share that each celebrity took a personal interest in the selection of the fragrances as well as the designing of their bottles. To them, their perfume was a representation of their personality, like a scented slogan of what they are. Therefore, they invested a lot of time to pick the most enchanting and everlasting aromas. According to actors, their perfumes are a key to memories; it’s an element of them captured in a bottle. Indeed, a perfume is more than an extract and the excitement these stars bring onboard brings high hopes for this collection.

Sharing his thoughts about this new range of perfumes, CEO of BodyBeats and Partner of Kohasaa, Hassan Rizvi said, “Fine fragrances should be available to every Pakistani. The aftermath of pandemic on global trade and the soaring import taxes made it very expensive to purchase foreign brands, however, the other way to look at it is that it paved the way to introduce quality perfumes in affordable prices.” Rizvi further elaborated that the range, which is imported from Paris, includes two enchanting perfumes and two captivating Oudh’s. Muneeb Butt’s Oudh fragrance is a perfect blend of fruit essences, exotic flowers and musk, overall a symbol of grace. Whereas, Aiman’s Oudh is a tantalising mix of floral and citrus essences with ambergris, representing the passion she embodies.

Farhan Saeed’s perfume offers a revitalising, classy fusion of fruit, flower and musks, whereas, Hania Amir’s scent is all about youthful energy as it encapsulates the essences of mandarin, jasmine and amber.

The lingering encounter

Recently, Actor and Producer Faysal Quraishi teamed up with Mahsam Raza, CEO of Dua Fragrances, to bring the US-based brand ‘Encounter Scents’ to Pakistan. A virtual launch event, organised by Catwalk Event & PR, was held in Karachi and streamed online. Spotted at the event were actors Shahzad Nawaz, Aijaz Asllam, Nabeel Zafar, Naveed Raza, Haroon Shahid, Zain Afzal, Faizan Shaikh, model Dur-e-Fishan Saleem and designer Asim Jofa to name a few. The event was hosted by Dino Ali, who interviewed guests at the carpet and asked about their favourite fragrances. Some celebrity guests were tested during a blindfold game in which they were asked to try and guess any of the 10 existing scents from the brand.

Later, Dino interviewed Mahsam and Faysal about their venture. Faysal reminisced about his struggling days and highlighted his lifelong passion for scents. “When you meet someone, something that is indelibly remembered and lingers on after the encounter is the fragrance that the other person was wearing,” he said. Sharing similar passion for perfumes, Mahsam added that there is a story behind each of the fragrances explaining the origin of one of the fragrances, ‘Confidence for Him’. He also emphasised that each ingredient was cherry picked for the fragrances. “We are dedicated to providing our loyal customers with an assortment of high quality fragrances for all of life’s special moments according to different preferences,” he enthused about the brand’s philosophy.

Mahsam and Faysal also spoke about their focus on establishing the fragrances in Pakistan and about “working on many other plans and developing other products”. When asked if Faysal would lend his name on a signature scent, he shared that there was a ‘surprise’ that will be unveiled shortly.

The brand is currently developing another set of six additional fragrances to the line; three for men and three for women.

– A. Jafri