Of floral, pastels and laces…

By A. Akmal
Tue, 03, 21

This week You! takes a look at a recent Spring Summer collection for some style inspo for the season…

Ansab Jahangir & Zoha Danial


You could be forgiven for thinking that the spring/summer 2021 collections would be something drap given the ongoing pandemic. (Peak Covid was definitely a season like no other with pyjamas and sweats being the hottest trend.) However, now that there are vaccines being administered and people finally finding a way to work around the global pandemic, fashion is starting to return to its full-swing as well. After all, we all need a little mood-booster, right?

As we step into the spring-summer territory, expect a lot of lawn galore, lacy patterns and modern cuts to bless your wardrobes. Recently, Ansab Jahangir debuted her lawn collection in collaboration with Zoha Danial. The collection ‘Zoha’ takes inspiration from our natural habitat with a focus on floral which has been depicted on the design’s ethos alongside the unique and fascinating sense of Pakistani fashion. The collection encapsulates a wide range of embroidery techniques from cross-stitch methods to single anchor work, keeping their design philosophy intact.

This week You! takes inspiration from the collection and lays down a style guide that you can follow for the season...

Colour palette: Pastels & berries

The best part about these trending pastels? You can absolutely wear them from mid-February until the peak of summer. The light hues have often been presented as a refreshing option for the season with designers turning to pastels to bring a soft side to spring fashion. Another great thing about pastels is that you can never go wrong wearing pastels with black or white separates. You can either wear pastel shirts with white or black pants and complete the look by adding cool sandals or platform shoes. You can always replace black with soft grey or a contrasting colour. Moreover, some berry tones carry on to this season as well to add some vibrancy.

Style cuts: loose and simple

Given that comfort and ease is of utmost importance these days, expect to see a lot of loose clothing in upcoming collections. And when we talk about relaxed staples these days, loose trousers and shalwars will continue to be one of the key cuts of the season. You can also expect bell bottoms to make a comeback.

When it comes to tops, long shirts, loose sleeves and frocks will be in vogue for the season. Not only are they very comfy, they are also very versatile in its wear. For instance, an anarkali frock stitched in lawn fabric is good to wear for work and it can also be worn at a formal gathering.

Embellishments: Laces!

Sequins, glitter, heavy embroidery or traditional work will bedazzle any outfit. However, this season we are looking at simpler and minimalist pieces. Not that there’s anything wrong with a little shimmer and shine, but it’s time to try something different. Want to add oomph to a rather plain outfit? Get some lawn laces! Yes, there is nothing new about it. Laces have existed long before we had the luxury of designer lawn. So, here we are heading back to our routes and finding wonder in the simplest of things. The humble lace offers a lot of variety if we were to get creative with it. Place it diagonally, in stripes, or in a classic try, the world of design is your oyster.

The oomph: Chic accessories & strappy footwear

Season after season, we seem to be talking about the latest iteration of the choker or the statement earring, but now there’s a fresh jewellery trend every fashion insider will want to wear for spring: long necklaces. From big, sculptural pendants to suspended figurines to layers of chains and pearls. There are plenty of takes on the trend but one thing is clear: It’s all about the draped-jewellery look. Not only is it comfortable to wear, but it works for every time and place. Whether it’s for a casual gathering or a daily office wear, this piece of accessory is versatile and evergreen.

As for footwear, we recommend opting for open toe sandals. With cool details like toe loops and straps twisting around the foot, it’s chic but also comfy to wear as the days become warmer.


Text: A. Akmal


MindMap Communications

Collection: Zoha

Designers: Ansab Jahangir

& Zoha Danial