Watch and be inspired!

By Fatima Niazi
Tue, 03, 21

This Women’s Day, You! has highlighted some powerful women-oriented series to make you feel proud to be a woman…


It’s that time of the year again! The time we not only celebrate being women, but also look at how far women have progressed over the years. From a time where women were not even ‘allowed’ to step out of the house, to an era where women are working and raising children at the same time. However, have you ever wondered how such a transition occurred and who was responsible for causing an evolution in the predefined patriarchal roles of women? Yes, this change was brought about by women rights activists of the past generations, but believe it or not, the media played a larger than life role in bringing about a change in how women are perceived.

This phenomenon remains true even today as we see many shows on Netflix take forth the same approach by celebrating the greatness and strength of women. This Women’s Day, make it a point to watch some of the shows mentioned below so you too can feel liberated and empowered.

The Crown

Based on the stage play The Audience, Netflix’s The Crown has been reigning the hearts of viewers since 2016. The historical drama looks at the rule of Queen Elizabeth II and the struggles she faced throughout her life as a female monarch. Written by Peter Morgan, the show reveals the many decisions the Queen took to please the men around her only so she is able to retain the throne. Though Elizabeth initially didn’t challenge the men around her, it is a fact that she later on became an icon for women who could only dream of possessing so much power. Also known for great actors and a gripping storyline, The Crown has been nominated for several awards since its release.

Firefly Lane

Created by Maggie Friedman, the series is based on a novel of the same name and is mostly focused on the lives of two teenage girls in the 1970s, all the way to the 21st century. The inseparable friends experience numerous things during their 30-year friendship, and yet, they stand by each other and maintain a bond like no other. Seen as a saga of ladies, the series is a statement on how women can form long lasting bonds, unlike popular opinion where women are considered to be enemies.

However, apart from the friendship aspect, the show also offers a lot of strong characters in the female cast in the form of Kate and Tully - the two best friends. Amongst the two, Tully is the rebellious, career-oriented one who always gets what she wants, whereas Kate is more on the quiet side and works as a TV producer. Though both have different personalities, the two are still friends and have set goals and aims in their lives. Who says women can’t dream and achieve what they want?

The Queen’s Gambit

Based on a novel of the same name, The Queen’s Gambit is a series that revolves around Elizabeth Harmon, a brilliant chess player. Set in the mid-1950s, the story explains in detail how Elizabeth reached heights of success as she struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. The series became the most-watched scripted miniseries on Netflix and had people writing raving reviews just a few days after the launch of the show and many simply tuned into the show to see Elizabeth Harmon outwit various men in the battle of the wits. Yes, chess is not the sort of game women are known to be masters at, which is exactly why it was so inspiring to see a female take charge of a male dominated space and make a name of her own. Bravo to Netflix for producing a series that has the capability to leave a lasting impact on one’s mind.

One Day at a Time

The show based on an American sitcom from 1975 focuses on a Cuban-American family living in LA. The family that is way ahead of its time in many ways includes a single mother dealing with PTSD, her kids, and her Cuban mother. This show achieved critical acclaim almost instantly after its release because it deals with numerous issues the society still fails to accept openly such as mental illnesses, racism, sexism, and homophobia.

Sure, it may be the unusual family structure we see in the show that makes it so much fun to watch, but it's the deep underlying issues within the plot that has managed to grab the attention of the audience for four seasons. In fact, the show is a perfect example of how women can be motivated to lead a life free of toxic male influence and still manage to be stable and happy. This is exactly why One Day at a Time was listed as one of the best television shows in 2017, with numerous critics ranking it as one of the top ten shows of the year.


The comedy series that only lasted for one season is a show based on Sophia Amoruso’s autobiography called Girlboss. The show itself is a fresh sitcom that brings with it a lot of rebellion, passion, fashion and the drive to follow ones dream. The series revolves around Sophia Marlowe, a woman who is fired from her job. However, instead of losing hope, she becomes motivated and starts selling vintage clothes online. Within no time, Sophia becomes a business woman who is determined on earning money, yet retaining her fun and easy going personality. Completely real and full of flaws, this character is one you must not miss out on!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Based on the comedy series Sabrina the Teenage Witch from the ’90s, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a supernatural web series starring Kiernan Shipka. Apart from the dark nature of this particular show, it differs from the original in numerous way. First and foremost, we see Sabrina fight the age-old witch traditions where all the women sign their soul over to Satan, a male, on their 16th birthdays. The show itself looks at many aspects of patriarchy women face in their daily life. While this web series may not be fit for women of the elder generation, it will definitely please women in their twenties as well as teenagers. Watch the show to learn lessons from Sabrina on how to be different and fight against socially constructed rules.