By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 10, 20

This week in our beauty section, You! catches up with the popular makeup artist, Kiran Khan, who recently travelled to the serene lands of Maldives....


From hand sanitisers in hotel lobbies to cabin crew in masks, localised lockdowns to contact tracing apps, Covid-19 has transformed the world of travel. Amid closed borders and cancelled flights, travel came to a virtual standstill.

Today, as much of Asia begins to emerge from lockdown, an industry that accounts for about 10 per cent of world GDP is looking towards the new normal. And travellers, many of whom have been largely confined to their homes for months, are starting to dream again of beaches, mountains and monuments.

People during the lockdown were looking forward to so many things be it; eating out, socialising and beauty therapy but travelling was one of the most desirable things to do after the lockdown ends. It still tops the ranks… Sigh!

This week in our beauty section, You! catches up with the popular makeup artist, Kiran Khan, who recently travelled to the serene lands of Maldives. Let us remind you, Khan’s trip came on our Instagram timelines as a breath of fresh air as we saw somebody travelling after so long in the midst of the ‘new normal’. Also, the talented beautician shares her favourite beauty tips and suggests what skin regimen you should follow while travelling…

You! What was it like travelling post travel ban?

Kiran Khan: It was different. We had to wear a mask and gloves throughout the airports and also throughout the flight; even while sleeping. We were only allowed to take it off while eating. After a while, you don’t even notice it because you’re so used to it. We have to be careful ourselves. It’s not just about us but others too.

You! Describe your airport look keeping the SOPs in mind?

KK: Ever since we have to wear masks, I have stopped putting foundation. I only do a little bit on my eyes. For my airport look, I like a winged liner with natural looking lashes (Ardell Demi Wispies) and shaped my brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Brow Wiz. I used a concealer under my eyes for dark circles.

I also used a cheek tint to give a bit of colour on the cheeks in case I had to take my mask off to eat or anything. And for the lips, instead of putting a lipstick which gets rubbed off on the mask, I used a tinted lip balm to keep my lips hydrated with a tint of colour. I personally really love Dior Lip Glow.

You! How do you manage your business while travelling?

KK: Traveling for me is my time away from my work and from everyone back home. It is more about me time and about the company I have. If I am going with family, it’s about family time if I am going with my husband, it’s about spending time with each other. I’d love to travel solo some day and I just might actually do it.

You! What kind of look did you sport in Maldives?

KK: In the day time, I didn’t do any makeup because I was in the water or doing some sort of water sports so I didn’t see the point. I did, however, used tons of sun block. It’s a must!

For dinner time, that is when I would dress up and do proper makeup and hair.

You! How do you take care of your skin while travelling, and how has that changed?

KK: My skin was very oily in my teens but with age it is starting to get drier. Especially on flights because of the air in the planes and the AC, my skin literally gets dehydrated; so now I skip doing makeup on the plan if it’s a long ride. And, I either use a sheet mask for hydration in the flight or I use a facial oil throughout the flight. I also keep reapplying lip balm. This has helped me a lot in keeping my skin normal while travelling because previously I would do my makeup and on the flight my skin would get so dry and dehydrated that it would get patchy.

You! What is your basic skin regime?

KK: Gel based moisturiser. Chemical peel for exfoliating, anti-ageing serum and tea tree oil on places where I break out. I try to keep my routine simple. That works best for me.

You! Since Maldives is humid, how did you prevent your makeup from melting down?

KK: In order to make your makeup last longer, you need to powder and set it properly. Also, any places like the tropics you should use as minimal makeup as possible. Otherwise excessive layers of makeup will make you sweat more. Try a cheek tint, lip balm and a light layer of concealer or a light layer of BB cream to even out the tone.

You! What were your favourite products during the trip?

KK: Definitely using bright lip colours on vacation brightened up my mood. And I loved using Pat McGrath foundation because it was so skin like I barely felt I had foundation on.

You! Tips for maintaining your hair in a humid weather:

KK: Wash them every day if you’re in a hot place. That doesn’t necessarily mean shampoo every time. Condition the ends thoroughly and definitely use a deep nourishing hair mask after every 2-3 days. Use a serum afterwards. For days, you don’t wash your hair keep a dry shampoo. It really comes handy.