By Nida Mohsin
Tue, 09, 20

This week You! features Saba Qamar, Ayeza Khan and Iqra Aziz wearing fall makeup and flaunting designer Hussain Rehar's creations...


There are typical trends that tend to crop up for fall. Deep, wine-stained lips, cat-eyeliner, and matte skin tend to be the looks du jour. And while there's always something to love about these classic looks, it's always good to shake things up again. This fall may look a lot different than past years, but that doesn't mean there won't be a handful of makeup at our fingertips that we'll be itching to try this season.

This fall 2020 makeup trend is all about shine, so do yourself a favour and start searching for the perfect lip gloss now. Work a nude lip liner onto your lips and then layer a gloss on top to get hydrated, smooth, and glossy lips. This time around, the focus will also be on statement eyes and bold brows that'll draw attention while our faces stay mostly covered. But if you're not feeling too experimental, you can also opt for a soft glam look that makes your complexion look more warm and neutral. Overall, there seems to be a spectrum of looks that sort of blend and transition seamlessly from one to the other. As you prepare to give your makeup bag a seasonal refresh, read ahead to check out a few pro-approved makeup trends (that we have lovingly compiled) you'll definitely want to cosy up with this fall.

Fresh-faced radiance: This season, high-shine cheekbones are taking a backseat to fresh-faced radiance. Fresh skin is always in. Show off your complexion and target coverage only where it is needed. Using a sheer or radiance-boosting foundation formula will allow your skin to shine through.

Strategic shimmer: Forget your matte favourites - even if it's just for a special occasion - and get glowing. While too much glitter looks gaudy, just a flick of glitz instantly illuminates the eyes. The trick: trace a glitter liner closely along your lash line.

Graphic liner: A crisp cat-eye never goes out of style, but winging it out about an inch adds some serious drama. Keep the rest of your makeup simple to make your eyes the centre of attention. You probably already have a black eyeliner in your kit. Use it to add abstract lines to a cat eye for a modern twist on a classic '60s look.

Smudged liner: When you attempt to perfect your lines this fall, remember that it doesn't need to be perfect. Just draw something that reflects your personal style and worry about correcting the smudges later. So, if you find that your pencil liner gets a little smudgy by the middle of the day, don't wipe it off - just embrace it, because this gorgeous grunge look is trending like crazy.

Subtle smokey eyes: A super light dusting of a smokey shadow makes a classic charcoal eye feel elegant, not costume-y. Polish off the look with false lashes for added dimension.

Soften dramatic smokey eyes for daytime by adding a touch of shimmer to inner corners with a gorgeous gold shadow or silver shadow. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

Light brows: You've been going heavy with the eyebrow pencil for the past few years, but lately celebs are embracing more subtle arches. This light brow will give you a retro feel without the fully tweezed look of the '90s. To groom, brush up brows with a spoolie; then, fill in sparse spots with a brow pencil using small, feathery strokes.

Bold lips: Now that your makeup won't melt off your face the second you walk out the door, it's time to revive the bold lip. It's a tried and tested formula - when all else fails, throw on a lipstick! Just make sure it's bold when that fall weather settles in. A bright red matte will make you look put-together in seconds - even if the rest of your face is totally bare.

Burgundy lips: Burgundy red lips come back in style every time the fall season hits. A rich burgundy lipstick pairs perfectly with fresh skin and your go-to mascara. Prep lips with a lip liner to keep the pigment from feathering.

Lip liner: Go for a 1990s-inspired makeup look to go with your all - '90s wardrobe. Line your lips with a pencil one or two shades darker than your natural lip. Smudge it inward, for a natural fade, then top with a high-shine gloss in a matching colour.

Super shiny gloss: In the early '00s, no look was complete without a gooey coating of gloss. The same rule still stands today. Swipe a super reflective formula over your lipstick for double impact.

Trendy tips:

  • Define your eyes with a liner and apply kajal, which is quite in these days. Sweep two coats of mascara to give an effect of an evening or party look.
  • Whether pinks, mauves, or peaches are your perfect shades, create a rosy glow by applying blush liberally to the apples of your cheeks. Start at the cheekbones and work back toward the hairline. Be sure to blend the blush well.
  • Emphasise your glowing skin by brushing on a light shimmering powder instead of a heavy foundation. Always keep a compact powder in your handbag to freshen up your makeup.