A summery affair

By M. Shirazi
Tue, 06, 20

Summer is in its full glory and it is time for some lawn shopping. You! takes a look at a few brands that have recently launched their lawn collections...


Let’s face it girls, fashion is an essential part of our lives and we try our best to follow up on trends that change season after season. When the sun shines bright we know that it is time to take out our cool and breezy lawns. Updating our wardrobes means looking out for trendy clothes that are light and comfortable; and nothing beats the heat better than lawn outfits.

With so many designers and brands launching their pret and unstitched lawn collections, there are a lot of options you can choose from. Some offer contemporary prints and patterns while others have their signature touch to it. Though the coronavirus has resulted in the lockdown of so many cities around the world, fashion conscious women are now more than ever indulging in online shopping and getting their favourite outfits on their doorsteps.

Here are a few lawn brands that offer trendy prints. Be sure to check them out, you might just find something that is perfect for your wardrobe.

Vibrant designs

Earlier this month, Lulusar, a fashion brand that offers fusion wear for the modern woman, launched a bright and bold summertime collection in collaboration with actress and producer Hareem Farooq. The Heer Maan Ja actress teamed up with the brand to craft a colourful collection, ‘HareemXLulusar’. 

Let the breezy silhouettes be your
staple this season!

The line features three exclusive designs in long and flowy cut lines, summery floral prints and bright colours, called ‘Floral Crush’, ‘Polka Dance’, and ‘Tropical Rush’. Bringing her own unique flavour to the collection, Hareem was personally involved in the creative and crafting side of the whole process. And it won’t be wrong to say that each outfit exudes the star's distinctive persona and radiating energy.

Talking about this collaboration, Hareem Farooq shared, “I am really proud of this line. It might sound cliched, but I had so much fun doing this and I’m glad I got to explore this side of my personality with the contemporary fashion brand. I hope everyone loves it as much as I have loved working on it.”

You can shop online on Lulusar's official website and grab your favourite outfit.

Summer soiree

Renowned brand Sana Safinaz has launched their Mahay Summer 2020 unstitched collection across Pakistan recently, and has been receiving positive reviews so far.

An eclectic mix of traditional &
contemporary prints, embroideries
& vivid colours for your Summer.

The summery line features 40 designs in an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary prints, embroideries, heritage elements and vivid colours. The Mahay collection is inspired by Islamic history with a conscious use of indigenous points of reference. The latest unstitched range offers 2 and 3 piece suits including lawn shirts, cotton pants along with silver chiffon and lawn dupattas that complements the season. The usage of floral and geometrical patterns in the prints is a simple reminder that beauty continues to exist even in the most trying of times. The collection is available online and in-stores nationwide.

Embroidered appeal

Known for fresh prints, flattering fits, and small, surprising details, Zeen recently launched its unstitched collection, which is an ode to traditional artistry.

Chikankari - a timeless piece, ideal
for festive summers.

The delicately embroidered collection has been created on a palette of eclectic tones, ranging from maroon to vibrant purple and black. This is not all. There is also a range of pastel hues including baby blue, pistachio green and pretty pink.

Practicing classic looming techniques to create luxury fabrics, the brand offers a timeless lawn collection, ideal for festivities that will carry through the rising summer heat.

And the best part is that there’s something for everyone.

A perfect wardrobe is one that has a variety of designs and this brand will surely add a spark to your style. So go ahead and take your pick.

Chikankari anyone?

The best trends are the ones that never go out of style and Chikankari tops the list for its timeless elegance.

Florals are always for the win!

 A traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, India, Chikankari is believed to have been introduced by Nur Jehan, the wife of Mughal emperor Jahangir. Wondering what we are talking about? Recently the brand ‘Image’ has launched their Lawnkari 2020 unstitched collection, which is perfect for summer.

Established in 1993, the brand has been synonymous with manufacturing high quality embroidered fabrics. And this time too they have come out with beautiful designs in light hues as well as bright colours. Apart from this, their ready-to-wear capsule collection comprises signature Chikankari outfits and floral prints. What more do you want? Check out the collection online before it is too late.