By Nida Mohsin
Tue, 04, 20

This week we have compiled few bridal trends & tricks to make you look impeccable on your wedding day…


For a day that’s supposed to set the tone for the rest of your life, a wedding requires a lot of work. There's the ring, the venue, the catering, the invites, the dress, and so much more. In all of that picking the perfect outfit that will make you feel special, look sensational, and stand out in photos can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Whether you want to follow the crowd or embrace your own signature style on your big day, bridal wear trends are a good place to start when thinking about your wedding dress. With bridal fashions evolving much more slowly than those on the high street, many brides continuing to choose a timeless and classic look. Generally, bridal design has become more daring and adventurous in recent years. Brides used to be quite limited to classic red dresses. Today, they can play around not only with colour and texture, but with silhouettes and shapes as well.

When it comes to bridal wear, Pakistan has a wide range of designers who offer an array of spectacular bridal designs and styles to choose from. Every year designers come up with stunning and eye-catching bridal costumes that set the tone for the next season. This week we have compiled few bridal trends & tricks to make you look impeccable on your wedding day…


For their wedding attires, most brides go for traditional red. The designers wisely select the colour and mix it with other colours to stay with roots as well and to bring innovations to the designs and theme as well. While red continues to be the go-to option for most brides-to-be, designers now offer wedding ensembles in a range of soft and subtle colour options like blush, baby blue, pastel purple, pink, champagne, and baby blue. Some designers have started using daring, bold hue such as black in bridal dresses. The colourful options, whether bold or bashful, are perfect for a non-traditional bride who wants to make a statement.

Bring on the bling

While the glitz and glitter is nothing new where bridal fashion is concerned, over-the-top sequins, tonal beading and embellishments turned the Fall 2020 Bridal Fashion Week runways into a glittery affair. In 2020, old world is new again in the form of fresh embellishments, large doses of colour, and statement details that pack a punch.


Minimalists, this is your time to shine. With clean lines and minimum embroidery, sleek wedding dresses are liked by today’s modern brides. Simple materials, like plain silk crepe or satin, create a timeless look. Brides can stick to the simple theme by adding a few delicate pieces of jewellery. Some designers are even expanding into patterns with colourful abstract and floral prints.


Wedding dresses are usually made by the combination of different fabrics but before you combine different clothing stuff together you need to know about these popular fabrics.

Chiffon: It is the one fabric that has been in used by the brides for decades now. This one particular stuff gives a very subtle look to the wedding dress and it has a great fall. But due to the fragility, this fabric becomes snag and fray easily.

Organza: This fabric is again light and transparent. You can shape it easier and better than the chiffon. This fabric is good for embellishments and makes a good bridal lehenga.

Silk: If you want to wear a beautiful wedding jora then silk is the one fabric for you that is clean and has a very beautiful texture. This fabric is also symbolic of royalty.

Sustainable fashion

Our Pakistani weddings are incomplete without expensive wedding attire for the bride! Since it holds a lot of significance, many of you are probably going to pack it safely in a suitcase never to be worn again. But it’s time to change this thinking, don’t spend all that money on your lavish dress only to wear it once! We have ways in which you can utilise your dress casually and easily:

  • You can use you blouse with some other skirt/lehenga and dupatta. If your blouse is heavy, you can use it with some plain skirt and dupatta. While if your blouse is light, you can wear it with a heavy dupatta and lehenga.
  • You can use your dupatta alone with any plain dress.
  • If you have a long trailing dupatta you can drape it over a simple skirt and style is as a sari.

Tips & tricks

  • Lehengas always need to be worn high-waist, as it sits on the narrowest part of the waist and makes for the most flattering silhouette.
  • Always drape your dupatta with your blouse design in mind. If you are rocking a blouse with a stylish back, always drape the dupatta in the front, and vice-versa.
  • Don’t go heavy with layering necklaces.
  • Don’t be restricted by colours. Opt for bright hues to look vibrant for day functions. It is no longer a norm to stick to only dark shades for the night. Pick a statement ivory or a pastel outfit to stand out.
  • Swap your stilettos for pumps or wedges keeping comfortable factor in mind.
  • Consider silk when you’re looking for a wedding dress for the summer. Silk is breathable and will keep you cooler if the weather gets sticky.