For all the girls

By A. Jafri
Tue, 12, 19

Recently, ‘Girly Things’ has been named the best in the ‘Indigenous Services Category’ in the Pasha ICT Awards 2019.....


When it comes to menstrual hygiene, we all know that women don’t have it easy. Especially women and girls with disabilities, they may face further issues along with discrimination and stigma. Despite being an important issue concerning women, it is often overlooked.

Moreover, it is about more than just access to sanitary pads and appropriate toilets - though those are important and should not just be a privilege. It is also about ensuring women and girls live in an environment that values and supports their ability to manage their menstruation with dignity.

Activist, Writer and Entrepreneur, Tanzila Khan's venture – Girlythings – wins big with Pasha Awards

Developed by activist, writer and entrepreneur Tanzila Khan, ‘Girly Things’ is a series of products and services for women and girls with and without disabilities. It’s not just a delivery system but a way to have instant access to feminine products and information related to them. A one of its kind app in Pakistan, ‘Girly Things’, has been catering to women by making hygiene products and sanitary napkins easily accessible to women all around Pakistan, delivering products at their doorstep in complete privacy.

Recently, ‘Girly Things’ has been named the best in the ‘Indigenous Services Category’ in the Pasha ICT Awards 2019. The ICT Pasha Awards is a premiere event of the IT industry that brings together the leading developments across the country under one roof. Hailed as one of the biggest awards for service applications and software in Pakistan, the Pasha Awards has been honouring technological advancements in Pakistan for the past decade. The awards provide recognition to the achievements of home-grown Pakistani innovators; acknowledging innovation and excellence.

Every woman and girl with disabilities has the right to be treated equally and be included. They should be able to manage there their monthly period safely, hygienically and with dignity. An inclusive programming approach means that barriers to the inclusion of persons with disabilities should be removed and they are empowered to participate fully in societal life. This also includes the days of the period!

– A. Jafri