Dolling up for the season

By Iqra Sarfaraz
Tue, 08, 19

It is that time of the year (again), when the weather is fluctuating from scorching sunlight to the heavy rain showers......

Choose the loose: The breezy tunics/kurtis should be your go-to style this monsoon/summers.


It is that time of the year (again), when the weather is fluctuating from scorching sunlight to the heavy rain showers.

Stay alive: We were in love with Sadaf Kanwal’s
high waisted pants while she was vacationing
in Maldives!

With the frequent pitter patter and the occasional sun kissed streets, the shift in weather never fails to surprise us and it’s this unpredictable nature that makes us fall in love with it just a little bit more every time it springs a surprise on us. 

However, summers and monsoons are not all hunky dory as they can take the fun out of fashion completely. Dressing up in such weather can be tricky when we can’t figure out what to wear and what not to. But it does not mean you have to ditch all the good and fashionable clothes and go all drab just because the weather out there is unpredictable.

Here are a few useful summer/monsoon style tips for you to stay in groove during the rains and enjoy summers too...

To block out the sunlight or enjoy heavy showers while staying dry, Hina Altaf knows better.

Buns for all

In summers or during monsoon, you always feel like tying up your hair as nobody wants their tresses let loose and get ruin in rain water or by constant sweating in the heat.

Also, wet hair (either by sweat or rain) becomes difficult to untangle using bare hands so when you are outside; keeping your hair neatly tied in a bun saves you from the difficulties of managing the hair or having to worry about it.

No denim zone!

What else do you need other than a messy
bun during monsoons & summers to stay
neat & chic!

Keep the denims aside since they take a lot of time to dry up once you get them wet in the rain, and you cannot wear them in the scorching heat either. It is better to wear cotton pants (shouldn’t be see-through) or capris or jumpsuits in the rain or during summers.

Go for roomy tops

Pack up your favourite tight elaborate dresses for the season, as monsoon or summers are no time for showing them off.

Not only will these weigh you down in the rain or sweltering heat, you also run the risk of spoiling or damaging them with stains and sweating. Keep all your short breezy kurtis, roomy tops and light t-shirts ready for everyday wearing. Choose fabrics such as lycra or polyester which are wrinkle-free and can be worn during monsoons. For summers, stylish lawn kurtis or tunics are a way to go.

Ditch the dupattas over some funky scarves
 this season.


Scarves are a perfect substitute to dupattas. You can save yourself from the hassle of handling a long dupatta during monsoon or summers and rather adorn a scarf. Add a twist to your daily outfits with these small in size scarves. They are definitely a saviour in terms of convenience and utility.

Light weight accessories

It becomes extremely difficult during this season to wear those chunky, heavy accessories. It’s easy if we mix and match our clothing with the light weight accessories. Choose tassels or basic statements for the perfect fashionable look during summers and monsoons. They go very handy during such weather condition as they add the colour in your otherwise boring outfits.

Carry your style through the season
with the sassy transparent bags to
look fashionable.


Pick waterproof leather bags or transparent handbags, which are made from PVC to look trendy for the rainy season. Go for printed faux leather bags as they work as the perfect embellishment to your outfit. For summers, light sling bags or sling phone cases are also a way to go. These bags add to the fashion quotient and work wonders as they serve for both weather conditions.

Hello flip-flops

Say hello to colourful flip-flops. Experiment with prints, designs and colours. Flip-flops are the best monsoon/summer footwear since they are light and breezy. 

Flip-flops should be the national footwear
in every country. Not kidding, bruh...

Tip: Most of you might want to wear covered shoes in summers, but no harm in wearing flip-flops or open shoes with some sun sunscreens. For a rainy day (not literally), you cannot wear cloth or suede shoes since none of them stay intact if they come in contact with water. Therefore, crocs and flip-flop sandals serve as the only suitable option.

The colourful umbrellas

Isn’t that the first thing you rush to buy before the rain or bright sun starts appearing in your city? Blue and black, florals and prints, umbrellas are on top of everybody’s shopping list. While you are at it, make sure you only choose umbrellas that are sturdy and can bear the brunt of monsoons or scorching summers for a longer period of time.