Music to the rescue

By Adeela Akmal
Tue, 04, 18

Healthcare is a basic human right, but unfortunately, it is not accessible or affordable to everyone....


Healthcare is a basic human right, but unfortunately, it is not accessible or affordable to everyone. There are many great institutions that work tirelessly to work and serve the needy. One such institution, National Epilepsy Centre (NEC) at JPMC is doing their part in order to provide treatment and medications to people who suffer from epilepsy.

The honourary guests of the musical evening.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that can very well be treated with antiepileptic drugs (AEDs). People often put off seeking medical help fearing a hefty bill that would follow. NEC provides patients with medications for a mere Rs 100-200 that would cost in thousands. Likewise, diagnosis and treatments are also offered at reduced rates to ease potential financial burden of the patients and their families.

Recently, a fundraising event was organised by NEC at Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture (IVS) to raise funds for their cause by paying tribute to the golden era of Pakistan’s film music. The musical night was attended by the doctors of NEC along with socialites and celebrities like Suhaee Abro.

In the evening, dinner was served promptly to the delight of the guests present. It was then followed by a live 15-piece orchestra performance which transported everyone into the past, with their wonderful ditties to the popular background scores of yesteryears. The singers who brought these memorable songs to life were Salman Alvi, Waseem Baig, Karam Abbas, Rosemary, Ashfaq Hussain and Wahab Khan. Accompanying these evergreen numbers were their video screenings from the movies which added a good flavour of nostalgia in the pleasant evening.

Halfway through the evening, emeritus of Department of Neurology and former director of JPMC, Professor Hasan Aziz, gave an introduction to NEC and the wonderful work it has been doing these past 12 years. A documentary was shown to highlight the work after which Dr Zarine Mogal gave a vote of thanks. The music programme then resumed, and the evening was concluded with the announcement of winners of door prizes and lucky dip draws.

-Adeela Akmal