Ways to upcycle clothing

Fri, 08, 22

you don’t need a ton of sewing know-how to pull off most of these easy upcycling projects....

Ways to upcycle clothing


OK, it’s time to get creative! And if you’re not all that crafty, don’t worry. As you’ll see below, you don’t need a ton of sewing know-how to pull off most of these easy upcycling projects.

1. Dye it

Whether it’s an old bridesmaid dress or a shirt with a stain on it, dye can give a once-worn item new life. It’s such a great idea to dye clothing to hide those stains. You can buy some fabric-safe dyes, or use scraps you have around the house, like onions or avocado skin and pits, instead.

2. Patch it

You don’t have to be a whiz with a sewing machine to patch over holes or rips. Use a needle and thread (or a sewing machine) to attach a patch, or even try gluing it on.

Ways to upcycle clothing

3. Turn it into a quilt

Start by selecting old garments with fun colors or patterns that would look good together. Then cut each one the size you want for the quilt. Stitch or sew the T-shirts together. Once it is all put together, stitch or sew the quilt’s border.

4. Turn it into a tote

Stop getting single-use plastic bags (or even paper bags) at the grocery store; instead, make your own eco-friendly tote bags. Simply use an old sweater or T-shirt for this project.

5. Turn it into a scrunchie

Cut your fabrics from an old T-shirt to use as a hair ribbon or stitching together a piece of cloth to make a hair tie (without an elastic). You can even tie-dye it!

You can also transform old fabric into another gym accessory, like bandanas.

Ways to upcycle clothing

6. Use it to clean your house

Discarded clothes make excellent cleaning cloths. Cut them into squares to use as reusable cleaning cloths around the house. Once they’re all dirty, simply run them through the wash and keep them in a bin under the sink.

7. Transform it into gift wrap

Instead of wasting money on single-use wrapping paper, gift wrap presents using fabric-wrapping techniques. Fold the fabric over the gift, gather the fabric edges, and pull upward. Knot the fabric tails. So simple!

Compiled by SZ