In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor

By Asif Khan
Fri, 09, 21

I had the opportunity to talk with Haseeb about his journey as a budding artist …

In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor


For many people arts is just another subject but for Haseeb Manzoor it’s a medium to express his love for nature. Haseeb is an amazing artist whose work has received attention at many platforms. He was runner-up in the Calligraphy competition at IST Youth Carnival 18’ and Talent Expo Islamabad 18’. 2019 was the best year for Haseeb when he continued his winning streak by securing first position in the events and contests of Wall Graffiti (Art Fusion), Calligraphy (Air Nexus) and Quaidian Mathematical Olympiad. He was also selected for the movie “Thori setting thora pyar” where he was shown making graffiti with a group of friends.

I had the opportunity to talk with Haseeb about his journey as a budding artist …

In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor

Do you see art as an agent of social change?

Art holds the ability to influence minds in such a profound way that a person’s opinions and perspective changes. So, I believe art can play a crucial role in bringing about positive changes in our society.

Who are your inspirations?

I draw inspiration from Arabic calligraphy due to its distinct writing and font styles. Among artists, Ismail Gulgee, Sadequain and Naqash are my idols.

What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Vision, clarity and the ability to highlight issues through artistic expression.

In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor

What inspired you take up art?

As a kid I used to copy paintings, figures that I observed painted on walls or drawn alongside roads, carved on buildings. So I would say that it is a talent that I was born with.

Please share a real life situation that inspired you to paint?

When I was a kid, I really got upset when my lines got wrong or I couldn’t copy a drawing perfectly. My art teacher advised me to practice with love and passion to create something really good. And she was right: this trick helped me a lot.

Is it true that those who cannot express their thoughts verbally become artists?

No, I don’t think so. If you are not a good speaker and can’t express that well it doesn’t mean you would be a better artist. I’ve come across many good speakers with exceptional talent in arts.

In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor

Have you been encouraged by your parents?

Alhumdulillah, they have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and advised me to invest fully in the work I undertake and leave the rest to Allah. Their support, encouragement and prayers are indeed a great asset for me.

What subjects compel you to paint?

It’s the beauty of the nature that inspires me to paint and I try to express my love for nature through my work.

What’s your favourite art work?

Whatever I draw or paint, I give my heart and soul to it. Every piece of my work has a different narration, but if you ask abstract art fascinates me.

What is so special about art that isn’t anywhere else?

Art empowers you to celebrate life in all its manifestations. It gives colour to your vision and life to your dreams. It is boundless whereas realism has its defined limits.

Are artists lonely?

How can a person living in the world of colours and dreams be lonely? Artists are sensitive, but not lonely. They draw, illustrate, carve and paint the ideas that other people cannot envision.

In conversation with Haseeb Manzoor

Do artists require financial support from the government?

Art supplies are quite expensive. Besides, studying art is a dream of many which may be fulfilled if stipends for talented individuals from the government are provided.

Do you have any dream art project in mind?

Making another wonder of the world by working with the most creative minds.

Who are the artists you would like your work to be identified with?

I would like to have my own style to become my identity and a reason of my recognition.