For the love of flowers

By US Desk
Fri, 01, 21

Which flower was once more costly than gold and has bulbs which can replace onions in some recipes?


1. Which small flower, usually with 5 blue or purple petals, is associated with freemasonry and has the scientific name Myosotis?

A. Forget-me-nots

B. Bellflowers

C. Bluestar

2. Saffron comes from which type of flower?

A. Daffodil

B. Crocus

C. Snowdrop

3. Which flower is often called the ‘winter rose’ or ‘Christmas rose’?

A. Hellebore

B. Fuchsia

C. Dahlia

4. Which flower inspired the William Wordsworth poem ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’?

A. Buttercups

B. Daffodils

C. Daisy

5. Which flower was once more costly than gold and has bulbs which can replace onions in some recipes?

A. Lilies

B. Iris

C. Tulips

6. Ikebana is the art of flower arranging of which country?

A. Japan

B. France

C. Mexico

7. The fleur-de-lis is what type of flower?

A. Lily

B. Orchid

C. Rose

8. Which flower, according to legend, bloomed everywhere that lord Buddha walked?

A. Lotus

B. Lily of the Valley

C. Sweet William

9. Banana plants are related to which of the following flowers?

A. Poppy

B. Bird of paradise

C. Dahlia

10. The juices of which flower were used to make glue in the past?

A. Bluebell flower

B. Buttercup

C. Rose

11. Magnolias were named after which French botanist?

A. Peter Nolan

B. Pablo Mangolian

C. Pierre Magnol

12. In the Wizard of Oz, the Wicked Witch poisoned which flower?

A. Rose

B. Poppy

C. Iris

13. What do the petals of flowers often have bright colours?

A. They contain a lot of pigment


B. They help attract insects for the process of pollination

C. They are exposed to different weather conditions

14. What are tiny flowers in the centre of the sunflower’s head called?

A. Florets

B. Florists

C. Flores

15. The name of which flower means “rainbow” in Greek?

A. Yarrow

B. Iris

C. Hibiscus

16. There was a war in English history named after a flower. What was it?

A. The War of the Violets

B. The War of the Tulips

C. The War of the Roses

17. Why does the corpse flower have its name?

A. It has a shape like

a coffin

B. It has a rotting smell like corpses

C. It is often used in funerals


1- A (Forget-me-nots)

2-B (Crocus)

3-A (Hellebore)

4-B (Daffodils)

5-C (Tulips)

6-A (Japan)

7-A (Lily)

8-A (Lotus)

9-B (Birds of paradise)

10- A (Bluebell flower)

11- C (Pierre Magnol)

12- B (Poppy)

13-B (They help attract insects for the process of pollination)

14-A (Florets)

15-B (Iris)

16-C (The War of the Roses)

17-B (It has a rotting smell like corpses)