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Fri, 08, 19

Harry Potter stuff crafted from recyclable materials available exclusively at Enterprises....


All failure is fleeting

I trust it always has its meaning

I recently read somewhere (on the internet, duh) that parenting is really just about googling stuff. Given how things operate in our culture - with totkas and the concept of digital woman relatively new - I know people find it somewhat offensive. But what if that “research” turned out to be useful not just for the concerned parent(s) but also for the society at large? At The Indie Art and Craft Show, Us came across several women who had benefited through this.

Khadija, for one, shared how she strived to treat her son’s eczema, trying all medicated creams possible, which eventually led her to discover the benefits of camel milk and make soap for him. The results were astounding enough to establish her brand!

Tazeen, for another, found her niche because she felt her daughter did not have a doll she could relate to, one that promoted Pakistani values and culture rather than the west. She went online, found numerous tales of bravery, intelligence and compassion of Muslim women, which brought Wahda into existence.

Our takeaway? There are lots of things to do. As an entrepreneur, make sure you know you niche and focus on that. And if you fail, don’t let it stop you; try again!

We’ve rounded the top seven of our favourites from the event!

Harry Potter stuff crafted from recyclable materials available exclusively at Enterprises.

The Heartfelt Crafts has been with the Indie family for eight years. Most of the items are made out of cloth or felt (hence the name) and are practical décor items.

Experiessence made their debut at Indie '19

All products of The Camel Milk Brand are made using organic ingredients only. These products have a very short expiry and need to be refrigerated to be or else they’ll go bad.

Colour Kaar – creating creative planters and spreading positive vibes and colours around.

Beauty & the Best Co's handmade soaps are good for all skin types. This is the first time they were participating at Indie Arts and Crafts Show.

Meet Sofia, Abdullah, Bilal, Deena, Layla and Barakah of Wahda Dolls.

- SZ