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Fri, 02, 19

This week’s cover story (Feb 1) was enlightening. Mohammad Hanif is a writer we all love and tips on writing from someone....


Hi Ed,

This week’s cover story (Feb 1) was enlightening. Mohammad Hanif is a writer we all love and tips on writing from someone of his stature bowled me over.

Also, reading about our crafts made me realize how remiss we are about our heritage, and how badly we treat the artisans. I saw the picture of a man outside probably the showroom sitting on the floor doing his work. They deserve respect, too, and should be housed as befitting their talent.

Sahir Khan, Lahore

Hey Ed,

Thank you for printing my painting in the issue January 4. I am sending a few more, so kindly have a look at them. I would love my painting to be printed on the back cover again.

Zahra Qaiser, Peshawar

The pleasure was all ours, Zahra! We are very proud of our talented young artists and are sure they would make the country proud as well.

Dear Editor,

I am a thorough reader of Us magazine but never thought myself good enough to write for it. With my friends’ encouragement, I am a submitting an article and a poem. I have written my stories and all are derived from my innermost emotions of self-evaluation. These stories are my most private possessions but if they are good enough I would really like them to be published through Us platform, as it is dedicated to youth.

I will be anxiously waiting for your response, good or bad, positive or negative I will be waiting.

Irtiza Irshad

Thanks Irtiza for sharing your stories. We will definitely get back to you.


Narrated by Ali (R.A)

The Prophet (S.A.W) sent an army unit (for some campaign) and appointed a man from the Ansar as its commander and ordered them (the soldiers) to obey him. (During the campaign) he became angry with them and said, “Didn’t the Prophet order you to obey me?” They said, “Yes.” He said, “I order you to collect wood and make a fire and then throw yourselves into it.” So they collected wood and made a fire, but when they were about to throw themselves into, it they started looking at each other, and some of them said, “We followed the Prophet to escape from the fire. How should we enter it now?” So while they were in that state, the fire extinguished and their commander’s anger abated. The event was mentioned to the Prophet and he said, “If they had entered it (the fire) they would never have come out of it, for obedience is required only in what is good.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 89, Number 259


Lubna Khalid

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