Birds of different feathers

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Fri, 01, 23

4. What bird was used by ancient Egyptians for the hieroglyphic for ‘red’?


Birds of different feathers

1. Which bird has a beard, wattle and snood?

A. duck B. eagle C. turkey D. pigeon

2. Which flightless bird has been known to kill humans?

A. cassowary B. penguin C. dodo D. kiwi

3. With several varieties weighing less than a coin, what bird is the smallest in the world?

A. hummingbird B. finch C. sparrow

D. kingfisher

4. What bird was used by ancient Egyptians for the hieroglyphic for ‘red’?

A. peacock B. osprey C. raven, D. flamingo

Birds of different feathers

5. Roughly the size of a chicken, which bird lays the largest egg relative to its size?

A. kiwi B. oriole C. ostrich D. albatross

6. The ocelli, or eyespots, on what bird helped influence the writing of Charles Darwin?

A. peregrine falcon B. peacock C. penguin

D. quail

7. Which of these birds can also be called a pigeon?

A. crow B. dove C. pheasant D. bulbul

Birds of different feathers

8. What bird lays its eggs in other birds’ nests, tricking them into caring for its young?

A. stork B. duck C. blue jay D. cuckoo

9. Because of their long legs, what bird’s young is called a colt?

A. toucan B. sparrow C. crane D. swan

Birds of different feathers

10.Which bird has stomach acid more potent than the acid found in car batteries?

A. bald eagle B. great blue heron

C. chicken D. turkey vulture

11.What kind of bird has huge, yellow bill?

A. Ibis B. Toucan C. Heron D. Puffin

12.Which bird catches fish in its throat pouch?

A. pelican B. kingfisher C. heron

D. flamingo