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TMPST releases new tape called With Kindness

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Wed, 02, 20

Asfandyar Khan, who makes music under the moniker TMPST and also writes about independent music, has just released a lo-fi beat tape after Unravel in 2018 and Serpentine EP in 2013. Releasing With Kindness in February 2020, TMPST explained what the sonic landscape is made of in a message on Bandcamp (home to several Pakistani independent artists and labels).

Writing on Bandcamp, TMPST noted, “I have just released a lo-fi beat tape, which was mostly made so I could play the guitar over some beats and much about with things I don’t usually do. Though initially made for myself, I thought I’d put it out there for anyone else interested. Thank you, again, for your support and patronage over the years.”

The beat tape, With Kindness contains a total of 13 songs and as TMPST admits, is an opportunity for the artist to experiment.

With artwork by Sana Ahmed, TMPST’s beat tape is good for those who like experimental music and are looking beyond bubblegum pop music to explore alternative local music being produced in Pakistan.

TMPST has been an important member of the indie community, having been a part of releases by homegrown label, Forever South, co-founded by Rudoh (Bilal Nasir Khan) and Dynoman (Haamid Rahim). He also pens pieces on Pakistan’s music scene and the subculture that exists beyond the bubblegum wave, branded content and commercial super-hits.