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Shaan talks Zarrar briefly

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Mon, 01, 20

An industry giant who has seen the days of Lollywood and the evolving decade of cinema, Shaan started it in fact, first with Khuda Kay Liye and later with the slicker Bilal Lashari film, Waar.

Since then Shaan Shahid, son of late filmmaker Riaz Shahid, has starred in a number of films and has understood that the contemporary decade of cinema has arrived. Keeping that in mind, he has written, produced and directed Zarrar, taking on three separate mediums within cinema that need to be excelled at to achieve a quality film. Zarrar stars Shaan, Kiran Malik, Adnan Butt (as antagonist) and Faran Tahir among others. The film is said to be an action thriller.

“A film is always a film; the only thing that changes is technology,” he says. “The core of the film is the same because every film is made with the same blood, soul, thinking and passion so I think technology and logistics have changed. Whatever the current situation politically, I think the screenplay changes because now we have a different audience as far as cinema goals are concerned. Cinema is poor man’s entertainment but somehow in Pakistan it’s not for the poor anymore so obviously once you change that, your audience has changed, your language in the film and styling of the film - so these changes are there but if you know how to fly an older plane, you know how to fly a newer plane. The point is flying.”