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Saba Qamar denies signing a film on Kulbhushun Jadhav’s life

Instep Today
By NewsBytes
Tue, 09, 19

Last week, it was reported that Saba Qamar will be playing the lead in Sarmad Khoosat’s second feature film Kamli that is expected to release next year. More recently, an online entertainment portal reported that Saba had signed on for a film, called Dhai Chaal, which revolves around the life of Indian national Kulbhushun Jadhav. However, the actress has denied the news via a social media post.

“It’s always so funny to know that behind my back, I have signed another film that even I am not aware of!” Saba wrote on her official Twitter handle, adding, “Honestly, if I do a film, I will tell all of you myself. That’s what I am here for. I am only doing Kamli for now, so stop posting fake news for the sake of ratings only!” she added.

In response, the online portal clarified that it is not fake since they confirmed it with the film’s producer as well as two other sources. They also maintained that they tried reaching out to her before posting the news.

“You have received confirmation from three sources but not ME,” Saba furthered. “Your claim of asking me for a confirmation before posting the news is totally wrong. I haven’t received any message like that.”

She added, “I’m denying this publicly because my name was used publicly without my consent for a project I’m not even a part of.”