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Saakin is working on a new single

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Mon, 09, 19

Saakin, a music group from Islamabad that features Varqa Faraid, Usman Shakeel, Parham Faraid, Ibrahim Akram and Ali Hamdani and became the breakthrough band of 2018 with their debut single ‘Saaki-E-Bawafa’ winning them a Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent, have good things going on.

Since appearing on True Brew TV, where they performed ‘Saaki-E-Bawafa’ and another single called ‘Kundian’, the band is producing the soundtrack and background score for one of Sarmad Khoosat’s films, the bilingual (Punjabi/Urdu) Zindagi Tamasha. But as reports of Ibrahim Akram, one of the principal members of the band leaving for New York City with no return date in sight surfaced, Usman Shakeel from Saakin confirmed to Instep that as a band, they are very much intact and working on a brand new single.

As Usman Shakeel told Instep, “Ibrahim Akram, better known as Iba, is still Saakin. It’s just that physically he is not here. But, he is still working with us on our new track.”

Usman added: “A lot is happening. We’ve been working on the film and an upcoming track.” The music video for Saakin’s debut single ‘Saaki-E-Bawafa’, directed by Ali Sattar, was equally appreciated so it remains to be seen how the band matches up to its preceding single.