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Shehzad Roy becomes a part of ‘Protecting our Children against Child Abuse’ initiative

Instep Today
Mon, 07, 19

Pakistani singer-songwriter Shehzad Roy, who has remained on the forefront of activism for several years now with Zinndagi Trust, is also the goodwill ambassador of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).

Among his recent achievements is becoming a part of ‘Protecting Our Children Against Child Abuse’ campaign, which has been launched recently by the Ministry of Human Rights - in collaboration with the European Union. ‘Protecting Our Children Against Child Abuse’ is an awareness campaign to educate people about protecting children against sexual abuse.

Shehzad Roy took to social media to reveal the news. “My time will always be available for this important cause. There have been too many horrific incidents, despite our efforts,” he shared on his Twitter handle.

“A lot more needs to be done to put a permanent end to this and it is my duty to be a part of your initiative,” he added.

In another tweet he shared a video and urged everyone to raise their voice against child abuse. “This video might be an eye opener for lot of parents who trust neighbors blindly. If your child resists meeting someone, please ask why. Please also speak about your own trauma, if you haven’t already. And inspire millions to come forward and speak.”