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Amna Ilyas starrer-Ready Steady No gets a release date

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By NewsBytes
Tue, 06, 19

Hisham Bin Munawwar’s debut film, Ready Steady No that features model and actress Amna Ilyas and Faisal Saif in lead roles, gets a release date. The romantic comedy is slated to release next month, July 19 to be precise.

According to the film’s recently released trailer, we know that Ready Steady No follows the story of a young couple, essayed by Amna Ilyas and Faisal Saif, who are desperate to get married despite their families’ opposition. The film explores multiple problematic situations that the couple faces in order to get hitched.

In an earlier interview with Instep, Amna shared that she has high hopes from the film. “Hisham Bin Munawwar is a brilliant director and has made Ready Steady No with the sole purpose of entertaining people,” she said.

Talking about her character in the comedy-family film, Amna revealed, “I play the role of Razia, who is madly in love with a boy and wants to get married and have kids. She will go to any extent to marry the love of her life.”

Other than Amna and Faisal, the film also features veteran actors Salman Shahid, Ismail Tara, Nargis Rasheed as well as Zain Afzal and Marhoom Ahmad Bilal, who was last seen in Teefa in Trouble as Billu Butt.