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Umer Khan on working with Janoobi Khargosh

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Fri, 04, 19

Umer Khan, also known as the artist called Duck, is the chief singer-songwriter for the music group, Poor Rich Boy – in case you didn’t already know.

He has also collaborated with Janoobi Khargosh, spearheaded by the very talented Waleed Ahmed. Janoobi Khargosh has released a lot of music and their latest is a music video called ‘One’, which is probably their best. Think Tame Impala-meets-The Stone Roses in terms of the sonic landscape.

Waleed Ahmed, wrote, recorded and produced ‘One’ with the sci-fi music video directed by Waleed Ahmed & Tabish Habib. It also featured Poor Rich Boy members Zain Ahsan and Umer Khan.

Speaking about working with Janoobi Khargosh, Umer Khan told Instep, “I have only collaborated with Janoobi Khargosh on a couple of projects, but spending time with him [Waleed Ahmed] is just an absolute pleasure. He is the best person I know.”

Umer Khan added: “He is compassionate and sensible and also the best person to go to when you’re having spiritual or existential crisis. He is also a phenomenal artist with an intuitive sense for music that I have not encountered ever before. And I have met a lot of artists. Initially, when I met him, I was simply blown away by his talent. I’m really glad that I have spent enough time with him to no longer care about that. With Janoobi, you have to get over it quickly or you’ll lose your mind. Don’t think too much about how beautiful his brain is. With him I share a love of Vital Signs and a lot of 90’s Pakistani pop. Writing songs with him is a pleasure. He knows what he likes. And I trust his aesthetic sense. I like Janoobi Khargosh a lot.”