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Atif Aslam on working with Zain Ali and Danish Khwaja

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Mon, 04, 19

Members of the Mai Dhai Band, former Poor Rich Boy members and Red Blood Cat superheroes Zain Ali and Danish Khawaja, are two of the most exciting musicians of our times. And presently both play with Atif Aslam as part of his band. Atif was already on a kick to give deserving artists a chance to experience playing with him.

Instep spoke to Atif Aslam about how he first discovered them. “I remember I heard them at one of the gigs. I was not invited. I crashed into the gig and was sitting in the back-row. I saw Zain Ali performing. I liked his riffs, the way he was sounding. I got to know he wasn’t playing for anybody then and their band got dismantled before I approached him and that’s when I thought he should join,” recalls Atif. “He told me about Danish Khawaja. I think they’re very talented. I heard their production as well.”

And that was it.

The songs Atif creates, for instance, ’12 Bajay’ includes their input as part of the band, he tells Instep, but the final call is his.