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Chand Tara Orchestra shoots music video for ‘Rung De’

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By NewsBytes
Wed, 10, 18

After scouting locations in Karachi, the music super-group Chand Tara Orchestra, also known as CTO, featuring a core line-up of Babar Sheikh, Omran Shafique and Shahryar ‘Sherry’ Raza alongside Rizwan Ullah Khan have shot for the music video of their upcoming single, ‘Rung De’. The band has uploaded a BTS video, which means the video should be coming soon.

As Babar Sheikh told Instep, the upcoming single is the band’s follow-up to ‘Nami Danam’, the song with which they made their Coke Studio debut (this season).

‘Rung De’ will feature a kalaam by Amir Khusro and is an homage of devotion and love to his master, the Sufi saint, Nizamuddin Auliya.

Directed by Fida Moin, the music video/single will serve as a follow-up to the band’s debut album, which will feature a bevy of artists, in addition to this group of musicians, among them Gumby, Sikandar Mufti and Aziz Kazi. It will contain at least eight songs, making it a full-length effort.

The line-up has an interesting history too. Both Babar and Rizwan also played in the music group known as Ganda Banda and the 3d Cats that emerged on the scene in the nineties and gave us some excellent songs like ‘Tu Na Ho Meray Pass’.

Babar and Omran have hosted several episodes of a podcast called Mad Art Culture. They also co-curated ‘Open’ by Salt Arts earlier this year, which featured Shahab Hussain, Lenny Massey, Ajay Harris and Salman. “Free form, long play, sub genres and the music that musicians want to play,” is how Salt Arts described the event.

Let’s not forget, long before CTO was born, Babar Sheikh directed a bunch of music videos for Mauj, the music group starring Omran Shafique as the singer/songwriter and musician, who released the debut album, Now in Technicolor in 2009.

While on the subject of Mauj, a 2018 version of the group was resurrected at the Lahore Music Meet 2018 and later in Karachi as part of Salt Soiree 19 that featured founder/singer-songwriter and Omran alongside Aziz Kazi and Anas Alam Khan.