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Former GB CJ Rana Shamim submits unconditional written apology to IHC

IHC has asked former chief justice Rana Shamim to submit a testimony in the contempt of court case

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September 12, 2022
Former chief judge of Gilgit-Baltistan Rana Shamim. — Screengrab via Geo News
Former chief judge of Gilgit-Baltistan Rana Shamim. — Screengrab via Geo News

ISLAMABAD: The former chief justice of Gilgit-Baltistan Rana Shamim on Monday submitted an unconditional written apology to the Islamabad High Court (IHC) in a contempt of court case filed against him.

The aforementioned case is related to the publication of an affidavit which contained serious allegations regarding the ex-chief justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar, who allegedly attempted to influence a case against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, Maryam Nawaz.

Shamim was formally charged by the IHC for allegations levelled against the former CJP in a signed affidavit in London.

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Abdul Latif, the former GB CJ's lawyer,  presented a written apology to the court which stated that Shamim listened to ex-CJ Nisar's views during a meeting with him over tea.

"[...] I had heard the words 'senior puisne judge' time and again from the [former] CJP during the gathering at the tea on the lawn," Shamim wrote in the apology.

IHC asked Shamim to submit testimony

On September 8, the IHC granted GB's former top judge the last opportunity to submit testimony in the case by Monday.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah remarked that through publishing the affidavit, it was attempted to affirm that the IHC judges could be compromised. He said that the relevant appeals were pending with the IHC and his statement could have an impact on the right to a fair trial.

IHC CJ said that if former judge Shamim could prove the truth behind his allegation, no action would be taken against him. Rana Shamim, therefore, shared about tendering an unconditional apology. The case was subsequently adjourned till September 12.

'Victim to a misunderstanding'

Shamim stated that he was under extreme mental stress and was a "serious heart patient" aged 72 when he wrote down his affidavit "after approximately three long years" since the meeting that he mentioned above.

According to Shamim, this was why he fell "victim to a misunderstanding" and wrote the name Justice Aamir by mistake instead of "senior puisne judge" in the affidavit.

He said that he now "deeply regrets the grave mistake" that he inadvertently made and sought an unconditional apology for it.

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Shamim further stated that he has been showing regret and has been apologising for the misunderstanding on his part, since the start of proceedings in the contempt case.

"I cannot even fathom of scandalising the very institution I have served so dearly and with the utmost professionalism," he said.

"I reiterate that no sitting judge of this honourable court involves in the controversy mentioned above. I tender an unconditional apology to all sitting judges of this honourable court for the grave misunderstanding and mistake on my part and place myself at the mercy of this [...] court with humble request to graciously forgive me," the apology concluded.