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Bride-to-be requests guests to pay for food in wedding instead of gifts

In her Facebook post, bride mentioned how everything was so expensive which is why couple was considering different options

By Web Desk
August 13, 2022
An Indian food buffet. — Unsplash
An Indian food buffet. — Unsplash

It is common to have lavish meals at weddings but a bride found a way to manage the expenses amid inflation.

When the bride realised her budget for the wedding ceremony had failed, she took to Facebook to ask people for help.

“Did anyone ask their guests to pay for their meals?" she asked in the post which later went viral on Redditt with the caption "Bride fails to budget appropriately, wants her guests to pay for her reception", reported News18.

She mentioned how everything was so expensive which is why the couple was considering different options. The bride said that they would either have to delay the ceremony which is supposed to take place in October or cancel the venue they chose. 

The option due to which the bride's post went viral was the last one where she considered asking guests to pay for the food instead of giving gifts.

She said that she had sent out the invites which is why she did not know what to do anymore.

"Please help. I’m stressed and sad."

Social media users sympathised with the woman and shared their views in the comments section.

A user said: "Personally if I was asked to pay for my food within reason instead of a gift I would be really happy with that."

"I would’ve been totally fine with going to a wedding like this," said another.