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Prince Charles meets Leonardo DiCaprio

A picture of the duo was shared by Clarence House on Wednesday

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November 03, 2021
Prince Charles meets Leonardo DiCaprio

Prince Charles was introduced to Hollywood star and environment advocate Leonardo DiCaprio at the COP26, said Clarence House on Wednesday.

The actor and the future King met when they were visiting designer Stella McCartney's installation.

According to the statement issued by the Clarence House, McCartney showcased a sustainable fashion installation at Kelvingrove Art Gallery.

Prince Charles meets Leonardo DiCaprio

On Tuesday leaders committed to lower their emissions of methane -- a potent greenhouse gas -- by at least 30 percent this decade.

Experts said the pledge could have a significant impact on short-term heating.

But a two-day world leaders´ summit ended with barbed comments from the two largest emitters, the United States and China.

US President Joe Biden criticised counterpart Xi Jinping for skipping the summit, after China declined to sign the methane pledge.