Wednesday September 22, 2021

Prince William, Charles battling with ‘heated conversations’ over monarchy’s future

Prince Charles, Prince William reportedly engaging in heated discussions to work out the monarchy’ future
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September 12, 2021

Prince Charles and Prince William have reportedly been going at it with heated conversations to figure out what the future of the monarchy will entail.

This claim has been made by royal author and biographer Howard Hodgson and during an interview with Express he was quoted saying, “Prince Charles is very keen to slim down the royal entourage and the Royal Family and the focus of it, so that it really is the Queen, him, the Duke of Cambridge and then George and so on.”

“So that’s a direct ascendency. He’d had those plans, he’d already made those plans and believed that that was the right way to go.”

Before concluding he went on to add, “The power behind the throne, for a long time now, has been the Prince of Wales and not anyone else. Until maybe ten years ago, the Duke of Edinburgh had a lot of say in these things.”