Sunday September 19, 2021

Sania Mirza portrays struggles of being a mom in funny Instagram video

The tennis star perfectly depicts the worries of a mother when it comes to her little one’s choice of toys
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August 05, 2021
Screengrab from Sanias Instagram reel, shared on Thursday.
Screengrab from Sania's Instagram reel, shared on Thursday.

If anyone ever wants to know how troubled mothers with a toddler could become when it comes to the little ones' choice of toys, they must watch Sania Mirza’s latest Instagram reel that she shared on Thursday.

The Indian professional tennis player has perfectly depicted the worries of a mother whose baby never feels contented with the toys.

In the video, Sania acts perturbed while holding two superhero toys. She could be seen lip-syncing to an old Bollywood song.

She gives each one of the toys an annoyed look, jokingly smashes them on her head, and then throws them on the ground.

“How many superheroes will be enough for my Izzy?” asks Sania in the post’s caption.

Sania proved her acting skills well, but Izhaan sitting in the background having absolutely no idea of 'what mummy was doing' is no doubt the cutest thing about the video.