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Ricky Martin shares how him being gay is hindering career

Ricky Martin believes that his sexuality prevents him from having a successful career

By Web Desk
June 03, 2021

Actor and singer Ricky Martin wore his heart on his sleeve and spoke about how his sexuality may be a cause of hindrance for his career. 

Speaking to People, The Assassination of Gianni Versace star shared about his passion for acting and the diverse roles he can bring to the table.

"I love acting," he says.

"I'm waiting for those scripts, for those great scripts. I can play gay, I can play straight, I can play a serial killer. I can play Latin, but I can also play European. I am ready. Just give it to me, man. Give it to me."

"I just want to tap into anything that has to do with acting. I love theater, too," Martin says.

"I want to tell a story. That's what I want. I want to tell important story, and I want to change the way people see life in general towards some more optimistic way."

However, the musician noted how he was not able to sell as many records or bag any major acting roles.

A music executive then pointed out that him being gay may be the cause of the industry's lack of interest in him.

"That was something that really affected me. And I was like, 'Am I really dealing with this? They're not playing my music in this country because I'm gay? Is this really happening?' We're talking about four years ago. This executive doesn't work for the record company anymore. He was fired. But I felt it. It hit me hard."

"I don't know if I'm not getting parts because I'm gay," he admits.

"But if that's the case, it's really sad. I'm going to keep working until life is different."