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Rs6.3 billion Ramadan package proposed

Industries ministry proposes Rs50 subsidy on tea, Rs20 on milk

By Web Desk
March 04, 2021

The federal government is considering a Ramadan package worth Rs6.3 billion, Geo News reported Thursday, citing a proposal  from the Ministry for Industries and Production.

The ministry has proposed to bring sugar prices down to Rs68, a 20 kg bag of flour to Rs800, and ghee to Rs200 per kg.

Moreover, a Rs50 subsidy will be given on tea, Rs20 on milk, and a Rs10-50 subsidy has been proposed on 19 essential items.

Similarly, a Rs20 per kg subsidy has been proposed for edible oil, Rs10-30 per kg on pulses, and Rs 20 per kg for gram flour.

The ministry has also proposed a subsidy of Rs20 per kg on dates, Rs10 per kg on basmati and sela rice, a Rs12 subsidy on tota rice, a Rs25 subsidy per 1,500ml bottle and a Rs20 subsidy per 800ml bottle of drinks.

The Ministry of Industries and Production has sent the proposal's summary to the Economic Co-ordination Committee.