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Jennifer Aniston wins hearts with meaningful post: 'Reminder to give yourself a little love'

Jennifer Aniston looked stunning in bikini top and miniskirt as she shared an adorable throwback photo
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December 20, 2020

Charming actress Jennifer Aniston brought smiles to the faces of her fans as she shared words of wisdom ahead of the new year.

The 'Friends' alum shared an inspiration to keep her fans ever delighted with her precious words about the pleasant memories of the past.

Taking to Instagram on Saturday, 'The Morning Show' star shared an adorable throwback black and white snap from 'the archives'.

Aniston, 51,  captioned the post: "What a year. Reminder to give yourself a little love... and hang in there." 

The iconic actress gave her followers the little push that they really needed to make through what's left of the dumpster fire of a year that has been 2020.

In the picture, the actress looks in a happy mood, leaning across her bathroom in loose-fitting jean shorts and a bikini top and kissing her own reflection in the mirror.

Jennifer Aniston's post garnered massive likes from fans and friends as many of the actress’ fellow stars flocked to the comments to bury Aniston with compliments.