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Nawaz slams judges for siding with dictators

By Web Desk
February 02, 2018

KARACHI: Ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Friday said some judges with a certain mindset and dictators colluded to undermine the democracy since the creation of the country.

Speaking at a seminar, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader recalled events from history that derailed the democracy.

He said whenever democracy came under attack, a fraction of judiciary sided with  dictatorships.

 Taking aim at the judiciary, he said judges resorted to Justice Munir's doctrine of necessity whenever approached for justice. 

He said the doctrine of necessity has caused irreparable damage to democracy.

The former prime minister said not a single prime minister could complete   his term in office over the last 70 years.

 He said elected prime ministers of the country were hanged and tried for hijacking  but the dictators who violated the constitution were not held accountable.

The PMLN leader said it was the first time in 2014 when dictator  Pervez Musharraf was brought  into the dock. 

He said though Musharraf didn't stand trial, he still is scared of returning to the country.