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July 25, 2017

Upholder of judiciary’s freedom and dignity: Jang Group’s response in SC

ISLAMABAD: The Jang Group, in its response to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, said that it was beyond imagination for the group to even think of having a disrespectful behavior against the judges and the judicial system, mentioning that the steps and errors written in the contempt of court notice are not against the judges and court.

Jang group’s Editor-in-chief Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, printer and publisher Mir Javed Rehman and The News reporter Ahmad Noorani submitted their response to the Supreme Court in relation to the contempt of court case.

The Jang group pleaded the court to take back the notice, saying that the Jang Group upholds the judiciary’s freedom, respect, struggle to establish the writ of law and its legacy.

The Jang Group stated in its response that the news report regarding Hussain Nawaz’s appeal following the leaked picture was reported by several print and electronic media outlets, the record of which is present before the court.

The response stated, that the order regarding the video recording was rightly published in the Daily Jang, but the second part regarding the picture leak was published differently.

In the same newspaper, on the same day, one more correct segment of the order was published which proves that no element of malicious intent was present and the report was not published contrary to the facts.

The response further stated that The News reported the news correctly but the notice does not mention it.

The response further stated that reporter twice contacted on a senior judge through landline to verify the news if the ISI has been given direction regarding taking care of the JIT.

The reporter in this regard wrote a letter to the Registrar Supreme Court two days before contacting the judge as he did not receive the right answer. The reason the reporter made contact was to verify the news in a sincere manner.

The Jang group further stated in the reply that the group upholds the judiciary’s freedom, dignity and greatness, adding that it would never breach the respect of the judges and the law.

It further said that the group expresses sincere discontent over the news report published on June 20.

The response, in great humility, pleaded the apex court to take back the contempt of court notice.