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Yolanda Hadid marks Anwar Hadid's 25th birthday in nostalgic tribute

Yolanda Hadid penned a heartfelt note for Anwar Hadid on his birthday

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June 23, 2024
Yolanda Hadid shares throwback pictures of her and Anwar Hadid on sons birthday
Yolanda Hadid shares throwback pictures of her and Anwar Hadid on son's birthday

Yolanda Hadid wished her son, Anwar Hadid, on completing another journey around the sun.

On Saturday, June 22, the model, 60, took to Instagram to mark the 25th birthday of her youngest child.

"[Red heart emoji] Happy birthday, my love," she began the caption, "May you be blessed with love, health and happiness."

The proud mom went on to express her pride in the man her son has grown into with his authenticity and kindness.

"Thank you for being my mirror," Yolanda continued, "reflecting back to me not only the calm but the storms."

"You have shown me my strength, my fears, and rawest emotions, always touching the deepest part of my spirit challenging me to grow and heal," she added.

The former reality TV star concluded the heartfelt note, "Thank you for lighting up my path…I love you, my son."

She has celebrated Anwar’s birthday with a carousel featuring the mother-son duo over the past few years.

The images included a recent selfie of the two, a snapshot of Anwar with his sisters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid by the seaside, a shot of Yolanda walking on a beach together with Anwar, a picture of them holding wine glasses, an old-school baby photo and many others.