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Girl's train travel with mom's quirk gifts goes viral

Amused daughter shows quirky gifts from her mom on train journey; video goes viral

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
Daughter travels with quirky gifts of her mom. — TikTok/@marieclairewood/
Daughter travels with quirky gifts of her mom. — TikTok/@marieclairewood/

Every mother is the same in holding huge love for her children. But, most mothers show their love in different ways.

This London woman practically demonstrated her mother’s love for her.

@marieclairewood does anyone else's parents give them loads of stuff when they go home? #fyp #haul #rating ♬ mario sound - mandycap

Marie-Claire Wood, a 26-year-old actor lives in London. She often travels 84 miles to visit her family in Salisbury. But, when she returns to London, her train journeys are never ordinary.


Because her mom, Theresa, sends her off with the most unexpected and amusing gifts.

Hilarious TikTok footage captured Marie-Claire's train adventures. The video showcases the eclectic items she had to carry. From a massive plant that needed its own seat to a vintage rounders set (despite having only five mates).

Marie-Claire playfully rated her loot. The plant? "Super cute, but might be dying," she quipped, giving it a 9/10. Loose tomatoes and peaches received a 7/10. She worried they'd be squashed by a rounders bat.

A brick of salted butter scored 7/10, while a 500ml bottle of fancy Italian olive oil was an 11/10.

Not all the gifts were winners. A day-old half-eaten croissant? A dismal 1/10. And then there was the half-eaten loaf of bread they shared for lunch. Marie-Claire said, "I don't need all this at all, but thanks, I guess—3/10."

Theresa's creativity extends to wearables. Leaf-shaped gold earrings on a stick, tucked into an embroidered cloth bag, earned a 12/10. And for the pièce de résistance: a half-eaten pot of caviar, simultaneously bouji and stinky, scored 7/10. Marie-Claire wondered if it fit her regular diet of pasta bake.

Usually, Theresa gifted bags of homegrown veggies from their allotment. But this year, with a bad harvest due to a wet winter, Marie-Claire received a random assortment of items. Her housemates reaped the rewards—muddy potatoes and cabbages galore.

The gifts that Marie-Claire receives from her mom may be quirky, but her love and worry shine through. As the train pulled into London, Marie-Claire smiled, knowing she'd never forget these train journeys of surprises.