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How little girl helped brother win one million dollars?

Big fish competition started in 2015 in Australia but no one could win the big prize until Keegan nailed it with the help of his sister

By Web Desk
May 01, 2024
Footage from the moment Payne caught the winning fish. — Nine News
Footage from the moment Payne caught the winning fish. — Nine News

A teen from the small town of Katherine in Australia's Northern Territory recently made headlines by reeling in a million-dollar fish.

However, it was not just his fishing skills that led to this life-changing jackpot. It was a stroke of luck and the sharp eyes of his 11-year-old sister, Addyson.

The annual Million Dollar Fish competition is a big deal in the region. Each year, organisers release over 100 tagged barramundi into waterways like the Katherine River, Darwin, and Kakadu. Some of these fish are worth a cool million dollars, while others carry a $10,000 prize.

The competition started in 2015 but no one could win the big prize until Keegan nailed it. 

Keegan Payne juggles two jobs and lives with his family of eight in Kimberley. He had no idea that his routine fishing trip would turn into a life-altering event. He cast his line into the Katherine River. But it was Addyson who noticed something unusual—a small red tag clipped to the fish's spine. That tag meant Keegan had landed the top prize.

Excitement filled the Payne household. Keegan's family celebrated by staying at a local hotel, while Keegan himself escaped media interviews to do what he loves most: fish. Reflecting on his newfound millionaire status, Keegan chuckled about how quickly it all happened.

"We were chucking out yabby pots," he explained, "and we caught a cherabin (freshwater prawn) to use as live bait. The line started pulling, and there it was—the million-dollar fish!"

Keegan wasted no time. He called the phone number on the tag and learned that he needed to keep the fish alive. Racing back to the boat ramp, they nearly crashed the boat in their haste. Now, Keegan plans to treat his family to an overseas holiday and wisely stash the rest of the winnings in the bank.

As for Addyson, her role in this tale of sibling luck remains uncertain. Keegan playfully dodged questions about whether she would get a slice of the prize. But one thing is for sure Keegan's million-dollar catch owes a debt of gratitude to his little sister's keen eyes and that tiny red tag.