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Next Powerball drawing on Saturday as jackpot hits $1.23 billion mark

Powerball jackpot reaches historic high of $1.23 billion with no winner in Wednesday's drawing

By Web Desk
April 05, 2024
Powerball jackpot reaches sky-high sum of $1.23 billion. — Powerball
Powerball jackpot reaches sky-high sum of $1.23 billion. — Powerball

Have you ever dreamed of waking up to find yourself becoming a billionaire? 

That dream almost came true for millions across the nation this Wednesday, April 3, as the Powerball jackpot reached an eye-watering $1.23 billion. 

Despite the excitement, no one could clinch the coveted prize, leaving hopefuls eagerly awaiting the next draw on Saturday, April 6.

In the latest Powerball drawing, the numbers 11, 38, 41, 62, 65, with a Powerball of 15, kept players on the edge of their seats. While the jackpot remains unclaimed, nine lucky individuals secured $1 million each by matching all five white balls. Their tickets were purchased from various corners of the country, including California, Georgia, and New Jersey.

But the excitement doesn't end there. 

Sixty-four players snagged $50,000 prizes, while seventeen others walked away with $150,000 each. As anticipation mounts for Saturday's draw, Americans are flooding stores and online platforms to secure their chance at fortune.

For those eager to test their luck, Powerball tickets are available until 9:45pm ET on the night of the draw. 

With the jackpot swelling to unprecedented heights, the odds of winning stand at 1 in 292.2 million. However, at just $2 per ticket, many are willing to take the gamble.

The last time the Powerball jackpot soared past one billion dollar-mark was on October 11, 2023, when a lucky person from California pocketed a staggering $1.765 billion.