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How does a mom of 14 manage it all? Meet Sarah Wolfgramm for her SECRET

Know the secret of this mother of 14 who manages large household by taking good care of all aspects including budget

By Web Desk
April 04, 2024
The Wolfgramm brood includes 10 daughters and four sons. — SWNS
The Wolfgramm brood includes 10 daughters and four sons. — SWNS

Have you an idea of how a mother handles her household?

The job of a mother gets more difficult when she has more children to take care of.

Meet Sarah Wolfgramm from Southern California, who has 14 children, 10 daughters and four sons. Her household annual budget is over ,000. She says that she requires at least ,000 a month for her house.

In a recent interview to SWNS, the 48-year-old mother spilled the beans on how she manages a large household. She keeps everything in order from groceries to mortgage payments.

She, along with her musician husband Haini, built their big family for over 30 years. This super mom does not leave any aspect of her family unattended by managing it with the help of her extended family.

Each child contributes to household chores. They rotate tasks each month. The older kids pay for their own extras and keep their rooms tidy during the rotating chore schedule.

What is Sarah's secret weapon? Her resourcefulness.

She uses bargain bins, bulk buying, and her catering experience to stretch their budget. For Sarah, true wealth lies in the love of her big and beautiful family. Sarah's thrifty tips include having the older kids cover their own phone bills and buying discounted clothes. 

Through love, teamwork, and smart budgeting, the Wolfgramms have created a well-oiled machine that keeps their large family thriving. 

“The household is a very well-oiled machine, and my eldest daughter has the self-appointed role of keeping everyone in line,” Sarah revealed. “Each month, each kid is assigned one house task that they have to keep on top of and that rotates so they all try different things. But obviously, if I notice something needs to be done, I’ll do it.”

It is not a small feat to manage a large household with grocery bills reaching ,200 a month and 21 loads of laundry a week.

“I go to bargain bins, Goodwill, and use my catering business to get food at wholesale prices," Sarah explained. With 21 loads of laundry per week and a clan this big, every penny counts.

Every month, Sarah shells out ,700 on her mortgage, ,200 on groceries, ,000 on bills, and 0 on essentials.

Sarah finds time to homeschool the children and cook dinner every night. 

“I only do one meal a day. At dinner, I set it all out on the counter and kids can take it whenever,” she said. 

She believes in flexibility, saying, "You have to go with the ebb and flow of who needs what. It never works according to plan — you just have to take it one day at a time."