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First lady Jill Biden writes children book on her cat

Jill Biden to publish children book on her cat Willow in June

By Web Desk
March 28, 2024
First Lady Jill Biden. — AFP File
First Lady Jill Biden. — AFP File

First Lady Jill Biden has written a children’s book which she will publish in June. 

Jill's book is about the first family’s pet cat, Willow, on her journey moving to Washington D.C., as she explores the various rooms in the White House and meets the people that keep daily operations running smoothly.

The picture book, “Willow the White House Cat,” is co-written with author Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by artist Kate Berube. It will be published by Paula Wiseman Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing.

“As Willow bounds from room to room, exploring history in her new home, she learns quickly about all of the incredible people who make the ‘People’s House’ run,” the first lady said in the publisher’s announcement. “They welcomed Willow with love and care, just as they did Joe and me, the First Families who came before us, and all of the people who step foot into this home.

“Making many new friends along the way, Willow’s journey gives the world a ‘cats-eye’ view of all the ins and outs of America’s most famous address,” she said.

Willow, who's now 4, is the last pet from the Biden family still chilling at the White House. They've had three German shepherd dogs. First, there was Champ, who passed away in 2021. Then came Major and Commander, but they got sent away because they were acting aggressively, like biting Secret Service folks and White House staff.

People really dig presidential pets, you know? They even write books about them! Like George H.W. Bush's dog, Millie, who wrote "Millie's Book" about her life in the White House. 

Hillary Clinton wrote a book about the letters her family pets, Socks the cat and Buddy the dog, received. And don't forget Barack Obama's dog, Bo – he's been the star of a few books too!

Now, get this – there's gonna be a new book called "Willow the White House Cat." It's gonna be out thanks to Paula Wiseman Books, and it's all about the adventures of the White House cat. Jill Biden, the first lady, is gonna donate the money she makes from the book to help out military dogs.

Jill Biden's done some cool stuff before, like writing "Don't Forget, God Bless Our Troops" and "Joey: The Story of Joe Biden" for kids. Plus, she wrote her own memoir called "Where the Light Enters" back in 2019.