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10 things guests instantly notice in your house

What do you think your guests will notice about your house as soon as they enter your house? Answer from experts will surprise you

By Web Desk
March 26, 2024
10 things that catch your guests attention in your home right away. — Representational image from Unsplash
10 things that catch your guests' attention in your home right away. — Representational image from Unsplash

Have you ever thought about what people notice as soon as they step into your house?

It might not be what you think. Answers from experts will surprise you. 

Hosting a gathering at home can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if you're a perfectionist. You might worry about every little detail, from the cleanliness of your home to the opinions of your guests.

But guess what?

There are certain things that your guests notice immediately as soon as they put their step into your house. Talking to HuffPost, experts spill the beans on what really catches your guests' eyes right away.


Cleaning expert Becky Rapinchuk, founder of Clean Mama, says the scent of your home is the first sensory experience visitors encounter. Hence, it is important to ensure that it is pleasant.

“We don’t always recognise the smell of our own homes so it’s important to open a window, turn on a diffuser or burn a candle if there’s a smell to cover up,” she said.

“If your house has a pet smell, change litter boxes, wash pet bedding, and do a quick vacuum.”


Good lighting is like magic for your space, says interior designer Megan Hersch. It creates a welcoming atmosphere. Brighten up your home with extra lamps or higher-wattage bulbs. After all, nobody likes stumbling around in the dark.

“This can be as easy as adding a few more table lamps around your space or increasing the wattage in some bulbs,” Hersch, who is also the founder of the e-design firm roomLift, said.

“But a dimly lit home is a turn-off. We all want to see each other and feel comfortable moving in and around the spaces in your home, so light it up.”

Proper lighting can transform your house “into a magical setting,” Las Vegas event planner Brooke Primm, the creator behind The Uncommon Hostess, said.

“Instead of relying solely on overhead lights, try incorporating different light sources if your gathering is during the evening,” she said. “If you are hosting during the day, make sure to draw all window coverings for a bright and inviting vibe.”


Before your guests arrive, do a quick tidy-up. Clearing away clutter creates a relaxed vibe, says Hersch. A clutter-free space equals a clutter-free mind – and your guests will feel it too

“We all know this and even I have a hard time sticking to this mantra, but a clear space is a clear head and that is something your guests will also feel,” Hersch said.

“Make space to put away what you need to and of course, only keep what brings you joy!”

Clean Kitchen and Bathroom:

You don't need to deep-clean every inch, but a basic wipe-down of key spots like the kitchen and bathroom goes a long way, notes Rapinchuk. Fresh towels and a sparkling toilet can make a big impression.

“If you know that your guests will be in the kitchen, take a couple minutes to wipe down counters and clean the fronts of appliances,” Rapinchuk said. ”In the bathroom, wipe down counters, put out fresh towels and clean the toilet.”


Adding some greenery not only looks good but also boosts the mood, says Donovan Ho from Hothouse Jungle. Guests will admire your green thumb – or at least appreciate the effort.

“Each room [in my home] has an abundance of plants, and guests will always make comments on them!” Donovan Ho, founder of the West Coast home and lifestyle blog Hothouse Jungle, said.

“Whether compliments on the beauty of the plants, or stating that they can’t keep plants alive — they’re always a conversation starter.”


The entry sets the tone, says interior designer Brooke Spreckman. Spruce it up with standout finishes and fixtures to wow your guests from the get-go.

Los Angeles interior designer Brooke Spreckman, owner of Design Hutch, recommends “going to town on most finishes and fixtures in this space,” she said.

“The floor can be an accent, your lighting can be more creative, the wall finishes can stand out. Artwork can be oversized — or just unique in general,” said Spreckman.

Interesting furniture:

Funky chairs or cool sofas always catch the eye, says Ho. Mix traditional and modern pieces for an eclectic vibe that's sure to impress.

“Guests also usually notice the array and mix of traditional and modern decor pieces throughout the house,” he added.

Empty Walls:

Hersch warns against keeping your walls bare. The expert advises adding some art and framed photos can do wonders for a space.

“Walking into a home that feels like someone hasn’t finished moving in feels less than welcoming,” she said. “It’s worth spending some time and budget on hanging art. There are great collections, pre-made gallery walls in fact, on Etsy and even Pottery Barn. Don’t be afraid to get a larger piece too!”


Set the mood with the right tunes, suggests event planner Brooke Primm. Whether it's a themed playlist or soothing melodies, music adds to the ambience.

“You can create a playlist that matches the theme of your party or choose songs that are relaxing and soothing,” Primm said. “I personally love playing the ‘Bridgerton’ soundtracks since they’re familiar songs but not too distracting.”


Don't forget to keep it cozy. Guests want to feel comfortable, so make sure your home is just the right temperature, advises Primm.