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Short trip to hospital becomes 'crazy, longest' journey for woman who gives birth on the way

This woman unexpectedly delivers her baby on road during a trip to the hospital, navigating through gridlocked traffic

By Web Desk
February 20, 2024
Representational image. — Unsplash
Representational image. — Unsplash

What was meant to be a short trip to the hospital became a "crazy" and "longest" journey for this girl from Neath, as she found herself giving birth in the midst of traffic.

Freya Flowers, 22, had a whirlwind experience on Valentine's Day when her waters broke at 05:00 GMT. Seeking medical assistance, she headed to Singleton Hospital, only to be sent back home with the reassurance that active labour had not yet commenced.

Once home, around 1:20 in the afternoon, Freya, unable to contain her pain, began to feel an overwhelming urge to push. She experienced an intensifying sensation, followed by agonizing pain.

Accompanied by her mother, Kim Griffiths, and three-year-old son, River, Freya's journey took a dramatic twist as the family navigated the congested streets of Swansea. 

"I put her in the car. As it is at 1:30 in the afternoon in Swansea, as we got to Fabian Way, we were in gridlock," recounted Kim, who found herself driving with one hand, while trying to comfort Freya seated in the front seat with the other.

 "I was beeping the horn, driving with one hand, trying to make sure she was ok with the other," recounted Kim. "Love her heart, she was just shouting 'Mam! Honest now, I can't cope with this!'"

Desperate to reach the hospital, the family made a frantic call to inform the medical staff of their imminent arrival. However, as the car approached the hospital, there was no time to spare. 

Freya delivered baby Rome in the front passenger seat of the car, with Kim multitasking to ensure a safe and swift delivery.

"They were all standing there waiting. As we pulled in to Singleton Hospital and the nurses opened the door, she was pushing his shoulders out in the car," described Kim.

Despite the unexpected circumstances, both Freya and baby Rome were back home the same day, healthy and well. 

Kim expressed her pride in Freya's resilience, saying, "It could have been so much worse, if there had been any complications. I was so proud of her because she'd done so well, love her."