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Sophie Turner bonds with daughters after mediations with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are currently negotiating custody agreements for their toddlers amidst divorce

By Web Desk
October 06, 2023
Sophie Turner bonds with daughters after day two of mediations with Joe Jonas
Sophie Turner bonds with daughters after day two of mediations with Joe Jonas

Sophie Turner didn’t let another grueling day of custody negotiations with estranged husband Joe Jonas cut into her time with their daughters.

Page Six reported that the Game of Thrones alum was spotted out on a stroll around New York City on Thursday, shortly after concluding day two of her ongoing mediation sessions with Jonas.

The diligent mom-of-two pushed around a double stroller seating her two children, three-year-old Willa and one-year-old Delphine, who took in the Big Apple views while their mother attended a phone call.

The X-Men actress donned a green blazer jacket over cosy grey sweats – the same outfit she was spotted wearing to the meeting at WilmerHale offices in the World Trade Center earlier that day.

The mediation sessions are the former couple’s latest attempt at peacefully working out a parental plan for their children while also navigating their contentious divorce.

The negotiations come in the midst of a lawsuit filed by Turner, who accused Jonas of “abducting” their daughters by withholding their passports and thereby preventing Turner to take them to her home soil in England.

Turner, 27, revealed in court documents that she and Jonas, 34, had planned to move to and raise their children in an England “forever home” for which they had already put down a deposit before the Jonas Brothers frontman unexpectedly filed for divorce in early September.

However, they have since agreed to keep the kids in NYC while they hash out the details amongst themselves first.